Two iPhone 4 Prototype Case Suspects Plead Not Guilty

According to a report published by CNET, two suspects in the last year’s lost iPhone 4 case have pleaded not guilty and are demanding that any theft charges against them should be dropped immediately. To refresh your memory, the iPhone 4 prototype device was supposedly lost at a bar in Redwood City, California last year before its official release and was later sold to Gizmodo. Only last month, Gizmodo was cleared of iPhone 4 prototype theft charges while these two suspects, who are now pleading innocent, were held responsible for finding and selling the handset to Gizmodo.

(Brian Hogan, the person who allegedly sold the iPhone prototype.)

As published by CNET:

At an arraignment here this morning, Brian Hogan, the man who allegedly found the prototype in a bar after it was left there by an Apple engineer, and Robert Sage Wallower, who is accused of that charge as well as possessing stolen property, entered their pleas before Superior Court Judge Jonathan Karesh.

A pretrial conference is scheduled for October 11.

Brian Hogan has already acknowledged finding the prototype iPhone 4 and selling it to Gizmodo while Sage Wallower is facing charges for assisting in transaction between the two. According to California law, both suspects are guilty of theft for using lost property as their own instead of returning or reporting it to the concerned authorities.