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Uber Says It’s Leaving Quebec on October 14

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Uber announced this morning it will be ceasing operations in Quebec, citing tougher regulations as its reason for pulling out of the province.

Quebec announced new requirements last week to require drivers to undergo 35 hours of training—like traditional taxis—Instead of 20 hours which Uber currently requires, reports CBC News. The government also wants criminal background checks done by police (Instead of private companies) and cars inspected every 12 months.

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Reuters reports Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Uber’s Quebec general manager, said the company would end operations next month on October 14. There are currently 50 Uber office workers in Quebec, while over 10,000 drivers have worked for the ride sharing company, he said.

Taxi drivers in the province have long battled Uber, such as last year when drivers egged Uber cars and offices, on top of “Uber hunts” by drivers, as tensions boiled over.

What do you think about the prospects of Uber leaving Quebec?

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