Uber Rolling Out Uber Pass, Uber Pet, UberX Reserve Services in Canada

Uber is adding a number of new services to its ride sharing platform in Canada.

According to a press release seen by IIC, Uber is bringing Uber Pass, Uber Pet, and UberX Reserve services to Canada.

Uber Pass replaces Eats Pass to include both delivery and ride benefits and costs $9.99 CAD per month plus applicable taxes. The subscription service offers the following benefits/perks:

  • $0 Delivery Fee on eligible restaurant orders over $15
  • $0 Delivery Fee on grocery orders over $40
  • 5% off eligible restaurant orders over $15
  • Rides Perks: exclusive monthly benefits for members like monthly discounts on rides

Additionally, Uber is bringing its Uber Pet service to Canadian riders, offering a pet-friendly ride sharing service to handful of cities across Canada.

Finally the ride sharing service is bringing its UberX Reserve service to the country, allowing users to schedule and confirm Uber rides up to 30 days in advance with an on-time guarantee.

“After a year of limited travel, we know that Canadians are looking for options to safely, affordably and conveniently get where they need to go,” said Matthew Price, GM of Uber Canada. “That’s why we’re rolling out new products like Uber Pass, UberX Reserve and Uber Pet for users, their friends, and even their furry family members to get anywhere they need to go.”