Vancouver Apple Store Said To Expand Into New Location


Apple will reportedly open a new retail store below Nordstrom at Vancouver’s Pacific Centre, according to a report from Retail Insider.

The current Apple Store at the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, which opened in May 2008, is about 5,400 square feet and made over $75 million last year. Given the popularity of the store, Apple is clearly making the right move to expand their retail space in downtown Vancouver.

The Apple Store will relocate as a part of a 48,000 square-foot expansion in an area called “725 Granville.” The entire retail space will not be visible from the exterior and will be accessible from within the Pacific Centre as well as from a new Robson Street entrance that will provide escalator access to the bottom level.

The new Apple Store will become one of Canada’s largest retail locations and is expected to open in fall 2015. The floor plan below shows 12 retail units:


Apple is reportedly planning a new Toronto location which could appear near or inside the Toronto Eaton Centre or in the retail section of 1 Bloor Street East. If the Apple Store were to be opened in or near the Toronto Eaton Centre, it would probably be an expansion or relocation of the retail store in Toronto’s most popular shopping centre.

[via IFO Apple Store]