WaterField Designs AirPods Max Shield Case Now Available

Image: SFBags

With the AirPods Max now officially available for retail, accessories for Apple’s premium pair of headphones are starting to pop up left and right.

San Francisco-based tech gear manufacturer WaterField Designs has released the AirPods Max Shield Case — a carrying case for the AirPods Max that offers both functionality and protection.

With a primarily leather exterior and a feather-soft interior, the case achieves both aesthetic appeal and a protective den for the pricey pair of headphones. “A luxurious cocoon,” the brand’s store page calls it.

On the inside, we have a little pocket for a power adapter, and an ingenious magnetic leather “butterfly” that springs into action if you don’t have the Apple Smart Case for your AirPods Max on, and attaches to the magnetic sensors on the sides of each headphone to both put them in low-power mode, as well as prevent them from bumping into each other and scratching their stainless steel shells in transit.

The outside is furnished with a strap for easy carrying, as well as two compartments (one zipped and one mesh) to stow away chargers and other small equipment.

The AirPods Max Shield Case retails for $99 USD ($128 CAD), supports in-case charging, and is available in four colors: Chocolate Leather, Blue Leather, Black Leather, and Crimson Leather.

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