Yahoo Brings News, Weather, Finance, and Monkey Bots to Facebook Messenger


If you’ve ever wanted to own a virtual pet monkey, you can (kind of) do that now thanks to the Yahoo Money Pets bot. Yahoo also brought a slew of perhaps more useful bots to Messenger, including News, Weather, and Finance.

The News, Weather, and Finance bots are pretty self-explanatory, but for those unaware of Monkey Pets, the service is basically a bot version of the Tamagotchi. Send it emojis and it will share a selfie of its travels.

Yahoo says that its weather bot stands apart from the rest because it allows you to caption and send images from Flickr, which it promises will help bring the forecast to life.


The news bot seems to act like most other news bots out there. Yahoo is quick to point out that you can also send news articles directly to your friends, adding somewhat of a social aspect to the bot. To help make it easier to find articles to share, the bot has a search function.

The Finance bot is only available on Messenger. As you would expect, the bot allows you to stay on top of the stock market, search for stocks, follow trends, and so on. Like the others, it also has a social aspect to it, allowing you to share information that you find with friends.

You can get the new bots on Messenger for yourself by searching for @YahooFinance, @YahooNews, @YahooWeather, or @MonkeyPet.

[via Yahoo – Tumblr]