5 USB port Travel Charger Review

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I recently became very frustrated with my Gadget to USB Port ratio. More and more devices are using USB to charge their devices, and while this is fantastic for not needing additional cords/cables it’s frustrating for when you actually need to use your ports for other things. I think that lots of people are using wall adapters to charge their iPhones and only connecting to thier computer for syncing. If you’re in the same situation as me then I think you should consider getting the new 5 input USB Travel Charger from usbfever.com
(Yes, I know my iPod skin is outdated – but I love Christmas, ok?!)

Obviously this charger is not strictly for the iPhone, and I do have to say that being able to charge my iPhone, iPod and External iPhone Battery all at once is luxury and privilege I enjoy very much. The unit itself is obviously modeled after Apple’s wall charge units except that this one has 4 female USB slots and 1 male mini USB cable.



There is an LED lit on the front when the unit is plugged in, and also, the is a feint high-pitched humming but nothing more distracting than a monitor. One of the other features of this gadget is that it comes with AU, UK and EU plug adapters and is already set up for worldwide voltage, so it’s perfect for traveling. All for the cost of $25.99 USD.

So if you have several USB powered devices and you’re thinking about getting a USB hub to plug them all in, you might want to consider this instead – since you can take it with you practially anywhere.  Check the USBfever.com product page for more details, doesn’t start shipping till mid-April though.


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