Air Canada iPhone App Lets You Track Flights and Check In

Any frequent travelers out there? If you’re a big fan of Air Canada and their level of service, you’re going to be pleased to know they recently released an iPhone app. The Air Canada iPhone app will let you track flights and check in straight from your iPhone!

If I was flying Air Canada domestically, this app would be a dream with a data plan for instant updates. Here are the following highlights of the app:

My Flights: lets you keep track of your selected flights. You can “shake” to refresh the status and also do online check in!

Messages: links to important messages and your online boarding pass.

Check In:
This is pretty cool–you can check in and select your seat from the iPhone and get your electronic boarding pass.

Find Flight: Find any Air Canada or Jazz flight and add it to “My Flights”. You can search from all worldwide destinations.

More: extras include links to booking a rental car and other travel links.

Like the CBC Radio app, this first attempt at an iPhone app by Air Canada is a pretty good one. The app does the job of letting you track flights and check in straight from your iPhone. Previously you could take the website on your iPhone, but these easy to use apps are always much better.

What could make this app better? Maybe future revisions could include live flight tracking and even the ability to book flights right from the phone. Either way, this is a pretty solid app for all you Air Canada travelers out there!

Anyone going to fly Air Canada soon? Tell us where you’re going and also let us know how well this app works for you!

Click here to download the Air Canada iPhone app.