Game Review: World Reaction for iPhone

Allow me to introduce you to World Reaction, an iPhone app that lets you compete your reaction times against the world in real time!

World Reaction by GudeBalls

World Reaction aims to help you test and improve your reaction times. This is done against a series of seven tests and the results occur in real time. This makes the app not only helpful but also competitive since you can instantly see how you measure up to the Top 10 worldwide users of World Reaction.

When each of the different tests begin, they all utilize a large gray button seen in the images below. Depending on the type of test, you will be required to tap that button when prompted. Each test goes through five identical trials and an average score is then calculated. That average score becomes your score and is posted immediately to the worldwide real time leaderboards for all to see.

As I mentioned, the game comes with seven tests of reaction time. I will detail the tests below:

  • World – Tests your reaction time against the world in real time; tap on the circle when prompted
  • Light – Tests your reaction to a light stimulus; tap on the circle when the light turns green
  • Sound – Tests your reaction to a sound stimulus; tap on the circle when the sound plays
  • Tactile – Tests your reaction to a tactile stimulus; tap on the circle when the iPhone vibrates (vibrate needs to be on)
  • Precision – Tests your reaction time; tap on the circle when the timer reaches 5.00 seconds (or close to 5.00 seconds)
  • Mental – Tests your mental chronometry; mentally count to 5 seconds and then tap on the circle
  • Speed – Tests your speed reaction; tap on the circle as fast as you can

Each test includes visual cues and audible announcements of each trial result and the overall average score, so you will know exactly how well you did.

After you complete the tests, you quickly realize that your reaction time may not be as good as compared to someone else on the leaderboard. It is at this point that the app turns into a game of addiction and challenge from a tool of improvement.

Overall, World Reaction is definitely an amusing application for not only testing your own reaction times, but also competing against the reaction times of the world. Since the app utilizes real time updating, you get instant results of where you stand and it is extremely satisfying to see your name at the top of the leaderboard.

The app is definitely an impulse buy and is extremely amusing during the first few uses. However the app does not have much depth to it and quickly loses its novelty after a few runs. After doing the tests numerous times, I found little motivation to use the app again.

World Reaction is scored a 3 out of 5.

World Reaction is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.