Google iPhone App Update Adds Voice Search

Google continues to introduce new features to its existing products that make me say “cool!” (think of the Google Earth for iPhone app, Google Reader iPhone Beta, iGoogle iPhone page ) all the time. Google Maps on the iPhone was the original kicker for me, along with their iPhone optimized search page (recently updated, more on that below), and Google iPhone App.

Google Mobile App Version 2 is Coming Today

Well, today should bring an update to the existing Google Mobile app. What’s new? Here is what you can expect with its new search by voice features that will allow you to bypass the keyboard! Taking advantage of the proximity and accelerometer, the app will know when you’re lifting the iPhone to your face. You’ll be able to search the web and your contacts with your voice (but won’t dial the number automatically like Say Who)!

When you speak into the app, your voice gets processed similar to Google’s GOOG-411 service. Expect this new update to come later today–watch for it and let me know how it works in the comments (if I’m wrong, blame CNET LOL)!

Google Search Results on the iPhone are now Better Optimized

Staying on the topic of Google, they have also optimized the way search results are displayed via Mobile Safari. Have you noticed how your searches are now a lot easier to read and navigate? That’s right folks, our friends at Google have made searching on the iPhone even better than before. Take a look at a screenshot below:

So there you have it folks. Two minor updates from Google that will make your iPhone experience even better than before. Just remember, Google is slowly taking over the world. You’ve been warned! 😉 What new iPhone-related features would you like to see from Google in the future?


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