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Review: Agile Messenger, the All-in-One instant messaging client!

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Today I have a review of a new Instant Messaging Application to recently hit the iTunes App Store called “Agile Messenger”. Get ready for a fantastic instant messaging experience on your iPhone!

Agile Messenger by Ltd.

If any of you have used Fring before for the iPhone, then you will know what instant messaging is like on the iPhone. Well, Agile Messenger takes that experience and multiplies it 100 times into what I am saying is the best instant messaging experience I have had yet on the iPhone platform.

What really impresses me is how clear the user interface is. Everything is very sharp and colorful and extremely easy to use! At your fingertips you have access to MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, and GoogleTalk! Moreover, you get multimedia messaging in which you can send pictures or recorded voice either to other mobiles or from mobile to PC. Also, Agile will support push notification when the new 3.0 firmware comes out which means you will have an instant messaging app that is always connected.

As you can see with the pictures, the user interface is very pleasant and very well done. In the opening initial screen, it is so simple to choose your instant messenger provider and just enter your login information. Then the contact list sorts itself with Instant Messenger Client headings. Within an active conversation, you have access to a plethora of smiley faces and icons, an option to take and send a picture or voice recording, and you may have multiple active chat windows open!

The last real notable feature, while small, is you may delete and manage contacts right from the application and from the settings menu, you can change font styles and sizes. I cannot think of a better phrase to describe Agile Messenger than Functional Fun!

Agile has done very well in bringing more instant messaging options to the iPhone, but they have done it in such a clean way. During my time with Agile, I have noticed zero lags or delays and everything has been working perfectly; the application is simply fantastic.

Agile Messenger was released to the AppStore on March 31, 2009 and is available for download immediately!

I am curious to hear what you guys use for IM apps? Do you have Agile? How do you like it? What other apps have you used or like? Sound off in the comments below!

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