Review: Dog owners, meet ‘Bark Machine’!

Today I have an application for all the Dog owners out there! “Bark Machine and Dog Tricks” is your ultimate portable guide to training your loyal companion.

Bark Machine and Dog Tricks by Rob Maran

Bark Machine and Dog Tricks aims to replace the expensive Dog training books with an application in your pocket and after checking the application out, I must say that Bark Machine and Dog Tricks may be a winner here.

The app comes fully furnished with over 200 pictures and step by step guides and instructions to teaching your Dog basic commands or advanced tricks. You get a variety of categories including Games, Basic Commands, Tricks, Behavior Tips, and even a section for Puppies.

Another neat feature that is included is a variety of sounds designed to captivate both you and your Dog. You get a large variety of sounds ranging from dog barks and cat meows, all the way to squeaky toys and even a built in high frequency Dog whistle. The application also puts a neat spin on tricks with a section called “Random” in which you shake your iPhone to generate a Random Trick for your Dog to do!

Bark Machine and Dog Tricks does a very good job in the area of user interface as well. It is very simple to navigate between categories and between selections within each respective category. As a whole, you would expect to pay atleast $2 or $3 for this application but Bark Machine and Dog Tricks is only $0.99 and can be picked up at the iTunes AppStore.

I don’t have to tell you to jump on this app, even if you do not have a Dog, you may have a friend that does and this application does well in providing a fantastic guide for Dog tricks and commands all within the form of the iPhone.

And right now, I am going to give-away 2 promo codes redeemable in the USA iTunes Store. To score yourself a promo code, just send me a picture of your Dog or Puppy doing something interesting and stick some “iPhoneInCanada” signage in the picture as well!

Send entries to: x1zero [at]

Contest ends April 29, 2009 at 11:59PM.

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