ScoreMobile Updated to Help Follow Your NCAA ‘March Madness’ Bracket

ScoreMobile released a hefty update yesterday to its popular ScoreMobile iPhone app, to allow users to follow their NCAA Tournament bracket with ease. A full tournament bracket will go live in the app prior to the start of the tournament on March 15th, to allow you interact with every single game.

On top of that, you’ll be able to set a variety of push alerts, such as when an underdog has an upset victory over a higher seed. Full change log below:

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is right around the corner and we’ve got you covered with some exciting new additions to the app. We’ve also taken some of your feedback and implemented some other new features:

• NCAAB Tournament Bracket – In the NCAA Basketball section you’ll find the new scrollable/swipe-able bracket that will keep you up to date throughout each round of the tournament up to the second.
*Note this feature is not yet live in the app, but will be prior to the beginning of the tournament (Thursday, March 15)
• NCAA Basketball Alerts – You can now receive push alerts at the end of every game, and key upsets via the Upset Tracker Alert
• NCAA Basketball Key Upset Alert – will send you a push alert when a lower-ranked team is ahead of a higher-ranked team at halftime, with 5:00 left in the game, or at the end of the game (if selected). If there’s an upset that’s in the process of happening or has already happened, you can be sure ScoreMobile will tell you with this alert set!
• “Player Card Profiles” now have recent headlines/news articles via Rotowire. Allowing you to stay up on all the most recent news on your favorite players and all of the players on your fantasy teams.
• A special events panel has been added that will appear for major events such as: drafts and trade deadlines for specific leagues
• A variety of other minor bug fixes.

Back in February, ScoreMobile released another update that included a horizontal stats viewer, to go along with a prior update that included a new gesture-based interface and iOS 5 support.

The new update is available in the App Store. Click here to download ScoreMobile, it’s free.