First Physical Mockup Of Next Generation iPhone 5 Hits The Web [PHOTOS]

A Chinese iPhone case maker Shenzhen Coolzone Technology has listed a new product on its website that not only displays an iPhone 5 case but also a physical mockup of the next generation iPhone 5 handset with matches the white 3D prototype leaked previously, complete with its new 19-pin dock port (via Gizmodo). Looking at the listing, […]

Kitguru Takes Down Supposed iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures

Yesterday, we reported on some pictures that the website Kitguru had posted of what they claimed to be a design test copy of the next iPhone. The pictures seemed to support other rumours and leaked parts we had already seen, but the model that was pictured looked very rough, and almost “home made”. Today Kitguru […]

iPhone 5 Photos Surface of Possible Test Device

Some new pictures have surfaced of what is claiming to be a the iPhone 5. They say that this is a “pre-release test sample”, and that is why it doesn’t look too polished. This device strikes quite a resemblance to previous “leaked” iPhone 5 parts. It is hard to say if this adds some legitimacy to […]

‘jOBS’ Biopic Actors Caught On Camera Filming At Steve Job’s Los Altos Home [PHOTOS]

We’ve previously seen photos of Ashton Kutcher already growing hair to look more like Steve Jobs for his role of Steve in an upcoming indie pic titled “jOBS” and now, a few more actors have been caught on camera while filming for the movie in Steve Jobs’ childhood home (via 9to5Mac). Filming of the biopic started last month and is expected to cover Apple and Steve Jobs’ life […]

Purported iPhone 5 Home Buttons Leaked In The Wild [PHOTOS]

Looks like a Chinese parts reseller named TVC-Mall (via Apple Bitch) has already got hold of the next-generation iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5’s home buttons and is now listing them for sale on its website. Available in black and white colors, the buttons are indeed slightly different from the rounded home buttons found in current iOS devices. While these purported iPhone 5 buttons […]

Everpix iPhone App Now Available to Unify your Photos to the Cloud

The Everpix iPhone app has been released in the App Store. This app lets you essentially store all of your pictures automatically into their cloud storage from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more. The iPhone app is the companion app to the original Mac-only application (Windows version coming soon). Everpix wants to solve […]

Steve Jobs’ Presence Remains At Apple via Quotes and Images on the Walls

The legacy of Steve Jobs will continue to live on in the halls of Apple as his quotes and images are now adorning the the campus. 9to5Mac is reporting on the appearance of several Steve Jobs memorabilia throughout the Cupertino, California-based offices of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs passed away in October of last year and […]

September iPhone App Giveaway!

I hope you all enjoyed the giveaways from August! If you have any ideas or feedback, it is always welcome. So post them in the comments or email me and I’ll make sure your ideas get done! For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways: It is […]