Petro-Canada EV Charging Costs: From $0.20/minute, Apple Pay Accepted

Petro canada electric chargers

Suncor-owned Petro-Canada completed its coast-to-coast network of electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers back in December, and now pricing has been revealed on its website.

According to the company, rates vary by province, but they will be charged by the minute from its DC fast chargers (known as level 3 or 3+).

“We’ve now implemented time-based, competitive pricing at our charging stations,” explains the Petro-Canada website.

In British Columbia, for example, Petro-Canada explains, “Pay only $0.27 per minute in British Columbia when you visit us on Canada’s Electric Highway, with no connection or idling fees.”

Petro-Canada EV charging stations will have two universal standard connectors – CCS and CHAdeMO, capable of charging rates of 4km to 30km range per minute of charging.

CCS can charge up to 350kW but for now, Petro-Canada says they currently charge at up to 200kW, depending on the station. In the future, select sites will get max charging capabilities.

CHAdeMO can charge up to 100kW. Petro-Canada says these rates allow electric vehicle owners to charge up in about 30 minutes or less.

Petro-Canada EV charging rates by province:

  • Alberta – $0.33 per minute
  • British Columbia – $0.27 per minute
  • Manitoba – $0.33 per minute
  • New Brunswick – $0.25 per minute
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – TBD
  • Northwest Territories – TBD
  • Nova Scotia – $0.25 per minute
  • Nunavut – TBD
  • Ontario – $0.33 per minute
  • Prince Edward Island – TBD
  • Quebec – $0.20 per minute
  • Saskatchewan – $0.33 per minute
  • Yukon – TBD

“Pricing is subject to change and may vary per province. Refer to the screen at each EV charger for the most up-to-date price,” reads the fine print on the Petro-Canada website.

Quebec takes the crown for the lowest Petro-Canada charging rates of $0.20 per minute, or about $6.00 for 30 minutes.

For Tesla owners, with a CHAdeMO adapter, they can use these stations to charge their cars. Normally, Tesla Superchargers are billed per kWh, at rates of $0.44 per minute above 60 kW and $0.22 per minute below 60 kW, in Canada.

Petro-Canada says its charging stations will accept tap payments such as debit, credit card, along with mobile wallets for tap including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Thanks Jim