Tesla App Update: Customizable Quick Controls and More; Live Sentry Mode Not in Canada Yet

Image: Tesla North

As reported by the folks over at Tesla North, the Tesla app for iOS and Android has been updated to version 4.3. The update brings the following new features/improvements:

  • Customize quick controls on vehicle homepage with a long press
  • Adjust Cabin Overheat Protection
  • Widget improvements
  • Sentry Mode Live Camera Access on supported cars in select countries (car software 2021.40.5 or newer required)

The quick controls Tesla added to the app in version 4.0 can now be personalized, with a number of replacement options available. On iOS, you’ll see a message that reads, “Long press icons to customize,” atop the quick controls when you open the Tesla app for the first time after updating.

Upon long-pressing the quick controls, a menu will pop up with a number of additional quick control options, including:

  • Bioweapon Defense Mode
  • Flash
  • Honk
  • Defrost Car
  • Start
  • Sentry
  • Trunk
  • Vent

Drag and drop the option you want over to an existing quick control, and it will be replaced. Once you’re happy with your configuration, tap on Save. If you’re using a Tesla app widget, the change will also be reflected in the quick controls there.

With version 4.3 of the mobile app, Tesla brings Sentry Mode Live Camera Access to supported cars in a number of countries, but Canada still isn’t one of them. There’s no word yet on when Sentry Mode Live Camera Access will make its way to the Great White North, but we’re hoping our patience will be rewarded (and soon).

The update also includes a pretty big new feature for Tesla owners in China. According to @42how_, version 4.3 of the Tesla app adds the ability to unlock Supercharger floor locks.

Some Supercharger locations in China are fitted with floor locks that prevent non-Tesla vehicles from parking in Supercharging spots, and the update will let Tesla owners disable these contraptions right from the Tesla app.

Check out how the new feature works in the video below:

According to @Tesla_App_iOS‘s datamining of the update, other additions include gift cards that can be purchased right from the app, as well as new energy gateway info. Check out the thread linked below for more information:

Update to version 4.3 of the Tesla app if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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