Tesla Increases Price of Model Y, Model 3 in Canada; Model Y Tow Hitch Debuts

Tesla model y price increase

Tesla has increased the price of its Model Y compact SUV and Model 3 sedan in Canada, while also debuting a tow hitch for the Model Y.

The Model Y price in Canada has increased $3,600 CAD. The new prices are as follows for Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive models below:

  • Long Range: $75,990 CAD (was $72,390)
  • Performance: $85,990 CAD (was $84,390)

Also, a new Tow Hitch is available for Model Y at $1,300 CAD as an add-on when you configure the vehicle. “High strength tow bar, capable of towing up to 1,600 kg,” says Tesla, which works out to just over 3,500 lbs, equivalent to the towing capacity of a Toyota RAV4 Adventure trim.

Many have wondered if a factory tow hitch would be available for Model Y, since the rear bumper has a cut out for one. Out in the wild when Tesla was testing the Model Y, the vehicle was seen before with a hitch installed.

Model y tow hitch

For those with existing Model Y orders in Canada, modifying your order to add then $1,300 CAD tow hitch, will also cause your original locked in price to increase as well. So that $1,300 CAD tow hitch also means you’ll be paying $3,600 extra with the price increase. The weakening Canadian dollar may be to blame.

In the U.S., recently added accessories for Model Y include a roof rack at $450 USD and car cover from $230-300 USD. These should make their way to Canada once first deliveries start “in mid-2020”. This date most likely will be impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Model Y range has also increased since it was first listed on Tesla Canada’s website, for those keeping track. Originally at 451 km range for both Dual-Motor models, recently the Long-Range was updated to 509 km and the Performance to 507 km. This is most likely due to optimizations to software by Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Increases by $2,000 in Canada for AWD Configurations

Model 3 price increase canada

Below are Model 3 price increases, which only affect Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive models (then Standard Range Plus remains at $55,990 CAD, most likely to stay eligible for federal/provincial incentives), with a $2,000 CAD price increase showing:

  • Long Range: $67,990 CAD (was $65,990)
  • Performance: $77,990 CAD (was $75,990)

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said its Full-Self Driving add-on would also be increasing in price, “probably” on July 1, 2020.