Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown Confirms Bigger Battery and Two Microphones

Apple watch 2 teardown

With the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 available in stores, iFixit has quickly jumped on them, just to take them apart, as usual. After the iPhone 7 Plus teardown, which confirmed a bigger battery and 3 GB of RAM, the iFixit teardown also confirmed rumours of a bigger battery for the Apple Watch Series 2.

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Apple has already confirmed that the second-generation Watch is swimproof, so this obviously brings some assembly changes. Right from the start, iFixit noticed that the adhesive is much stronger than they found in the last year’s model, most likely for water resistance purposes.

Apple watch 2 battery

The addition of the GPS chip could be the reason for a bigger battery in the Series 2: The cell is rated at 4.35 V and 273 mAh, yielding a whopping 1.03 Whr of power, up 32% compared to the previous generation.

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iFixit has found a second microphone on the back of the Apple S2 SiP, and likely an iteration of STMicroelectronics C451 gyroscope + accelerometer found in the first-generation Apple Watch.

You can read the full teardown on iFixit.