‘Reserve Strap’ Field Testing with Apple Watch “Better Than Expected” [VIDEO]

Reserve Strap is a band with a built-in battery to recharge your Apple Watch, to add an additional 30 hours of battery life.

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The company has released a new update on the status of the project, noting on YouTube real-life field testing of the “smart band strap” has been “better than expected.”

Reserve Strap says their band is targeted for those who want Apple Watch battery life to go beyond a regular day, so you can wear the watch while you sleep or use it at night to track the stars.

Their testing included “scenarios like a weekend camping trip, sailing, transatlantic travel, long distance running and biking and even sleep tracking,” where in every scenario the strap “excelled.”

Check out their latest video below:

Reserve Strap is not cheap, as it is available for pre-order at the price of $249.99 USD plus $20 shipping to Canada. That’s more than half the price of a 38mm Apple Watch Sport, just to extend your battery “by a factor of 2.7 times.”

Will you be picking up a Reserve Strap? Or just take one hour of your day to top up the charge on your Apple Watch?