How to Get More Out of Google Maps for iPhone [VIDEO]


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Google Maps for iOS launched in the App Store last December to much fanfare (10 million downloads in under 48 hours)given the current inconsistencies with Apple Maps. For all the Google Maps newbies out there, Google released a video yesterday to help you quickly learn what the app can do.

Learn how to get the most out of Google Maps on your iPhone by searching, swiping and tapping to navigate your way to new and familiar places

Google Maps for iOS utilizes numerous gestures to navigate to its various features. Check out the video below:

Previously, Google released 10 tips on how to maximize your Google Maps for iOS experience. Currently, Google Maps has replaced Apple Maps on my home screen–I can’t remember the last time I opened Apple Maps.


  • andrewboarder

    Google maps is fantastic but I’m having problems with it not saving my searches which is a major pain. Does anyone else have that problem? Otherwise it’s far superior to the iOS maps

  • LTRMcrew

    Have you signed in with google? That’s required and it will save the searches over all platforms.

  • andrewboarder

    Yah I am actually signed in on my phone. I tried signing out and deleteing the app and doing it all again to see if maybe that works.

  • Paul Herman

    Is it possible you have slow connection and that you move on to another task/ screen before it has a chance to save on the G server?