McDonald’s Mobile Ordering in Canada Extends to Ottawa, Calgary


In late October, McDonald’s Canada launched mobile ordering, with a limited debut only in Edmonton, Hamilton and Quebec City.

But now it appears the fast food chain has been slowly extending the service to more cities, as Ottawa and Calgary are showing to support mobile orders. Users can use the MyMcD’s app to search by filter to find mobile ordering locations across Canada.

Mcdonald s mobile ottawa

McDonald’s mobile ordering includes options for curbside service, table service, front counter pick up and drive-thru pick up. The service looks to compete against other mobile ordering options from Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

Let us know if you’re now seeing mobile orders in your city in the comments below! Time to make those $1 coffee mobile orders and have them ready and waiting.

Thanks Keith!


  • mxmgodin

    It’s probably coming to Toronto very soon too (if it’s not there already). When my bus passed in front of my local McD’s this morning, I noticed new signs had been put up for reserved parking for mobile order customers (so they can drop in and out as fast as possible, I guess).
    I don’t have the MyMcD’s app (or an account), so I can’t check if it’s actually available right now.

  • Anonymous

    I tried it this morning in Ottawa on Bank street. It’s convenient, but they’re not preparing your order until you actually checked in the restaurant. So you still have to wait a bit.

  • dbusguy

    Ordered 2 coffee’s in Hamilton. As mentioned, had to check into restaurant and then waited for 2 coffee’s to be made. Took 7 minutes from checkin to delivery. They say they’re competing with Tims and Statbucks but it’s the wait for delivery that’s killing their chances. I have written to McD’s many times and I keep saying the same thing over and over. They need to be able to FLAG a coffee only order and get it made and delivered ASAP. Coffee customers are not going to keep waiting for their coffee while being delayed behind food orders. Like at Tims, wait, order, pay, coffee delivered. McCafe needs to step up their process.

  • mxmgodin

    That completely defeats the purpose of ordering ahead of time :/

  • skydivertak

    I tried it, too. Afterwards, I was thinking that I didn’t have to wait to actually get to the restaurant to check in, perhaps do it a few blocks away, like at Albert St, or when I get off the bus. I do something similar with Tim’s on Sparks St. wait until I’m close, then check in.

  • TBMT

    Haven’t tried it yet, but it is available in Pembroke & Petawawa, ON.

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Eric Lewis

    Which mcdonalds? I’d visit a corporate store for the best service.

  • Peter

    Mobile ordering available in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well.

  • Mark Northcott

    The problem is, nowadays theres almost always a drink order in every order, and it can get very busy there. There needs to be a faster way to expedite the behind the counter drinks, muchlike how they can speed a hamburger assembly line.