Apple Posts Black Friday “One-Day Shopping event” Teaser Page [u]


APPLE black friday

Apple has confirmed this year’s Black Friday shopping event by posting a teaser page on its Australian online Apple Store.

The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday, 29 November.

Shop online and get free shipping, or visit your favourite Apple Retail Store.

The company will be offering deals in the online store as well as in its brick-and-mortar stores. The company, hasn’t revealed what its offers will be this year, but last year the one-day event brought a $100 discount on MacBooks, and smaller discounts on iPads, iPods, and other products.

As we previously pointed out, Apple Stores will open much earlier on Black Friday, November 29, this year, with the majority of Canadian brick-and-mortar stores opening at 7:00 a.m., and the rest at 8:00 a.m.

For those who don’t have the time to step into the Apple Store, the Black Friday sale will start much earlier online, at 12:01 a.m.

Update: Here are last year’s Black Friday prices that debuted in Canada:

  • iPad with Retina display: $499 –> save $41
  • iPad 2: $399 –> save $31
  • iPod touch (5th gen): $299 –> save $31
  • iPod touch (4th gen): $199 –> save $21
  • iPod nano: $149 –> save $11
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display: $1699 –> save $101
  • MacBook Pro: $1199 –> save $101
  • MacBook Air: $999 –> save $101
  • AirPort Express, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, Apple Wireless Keyboard, iPad Smart Cover (polyurethane), Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic: save $11
  • AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, iPad Smart Cover (Leather): save $21
  • iPad Smart Case: save $15
  • Apple EarPods: save $7


  • Chris Herbert

    Anyone know if the Mac Mini went on sale during last years Black Friday sale? If so, how much did it go down? I want to pick one up but since it hasn’t been refreshed in over a year I’d rather not pay full price.

  • Abdulla

    Do you know if we’ll be able to combine Black Friday deals with the education discount?

  • draz

    One or the other. Not both. Also keep your eyes peeled on other stores. Best Buy US has discounts of $150-$200 off MacBooks for Black Friday. We shall see in a few days what Canada has and if they match the discount

  • Jey

    Currently Futureshop offer $20 off for ipad air , Apples Black Friday offer will be better than this?

  • Refresh this post guys. Just posted prices from last year’s Black Friday sale in Canada.

  • Last year had $41 off a Retina iPad. Could be similar this year.

  • Did not see any discounts on the Mac Mini. I’ve been eyeing the refurbs lately, which have been in stock (they sell out quickly). Looking to setup a HTPC using one.

  • Chris Herbert

    Exactly, I’ve been eying the refurbs as well, wanted to see what happens to during Black Friday first though. Waiting for BB and Futureshop’s Black Friday flyers to be released, have hope they could be a decent mark down.

  • All I know is once I decide to pull the trigger on a refurb, a new model will be released! Actually, the older models are still pretty powerful for what I’m looking for. I think the refurb prices would beat FS/BB.

  • Darrin

    12:01 PST?

  • Yep should be

  • Chris Herbert

    Ditto! I’m scared the exact same thing is going to happen. LOL