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Google’s New JPEG Algorithm Reduces File Size by 35%

Using the new algorithm, the image quality can be significantly improved while keeping file size constant.


Tesla Raises $1.2B; Elon Musk Wants Model 3 Delivery Process to Be 5 Minutes

Tesla has raised roughly 20% more than planned, by selling common shares and convertible debt ahead of Model 3 launch.


Gmail for Desktop Gets Video Attachment Streaming Feature

Users can now stream video attachments on Gmail, rather than having to download them first.


Samsung Galaxy S8 to Employ Facial-Recognition for Mobile Payments

The smartphone will blend fingerprint, iris and facial detection to verify users accessing Samsung Pay.


Paytm for iOS Launches in Canada to Make Bill Payments

The app can also be used to pay insurance and property taxes.


Biometric Facial Recognition in ‘iPhone 8’ More Likely than Ever

Apple is adding facial recognition to its existing patents for automatically unlocking an iPhone.


Apple Watch Activities and Monitoring May Soon Include Cycling

Apple’s patent application details improved techniques and systems for determining and monitoring cycling data.


Developer Logs Reveal Next-Generation 4K Apple TV, tvOS 11

A new Apple TV device identified as “AppleTV6,2” has been spotted in the logs.


Pegatron Says it Can Assemble iPhone in the US if Apple Absorbs All Costs

Pegatron’s CEO says the company can manufacture the “iPhone 8” in the U.S. but Apple will need to bear all costs.


Chrome Version 57 for Mac Saves Battery Life by Throttling Background Tabs

Chrome version 57 will delay timers to limit average CPU load to 1% of a core.


Uber Assists Drivers with New In-App Navigation Experience

Uber is bringing big improvements to its navigation experience on its driver-facing app.


Nearly 200,000 Older Apps May Become Incompatible with iOS 11

Apple may be planning to kill thousands of apps with the launch of iOS 11 later this year.