Bell’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Contract Pricing Revealed


Bell’s iPhone 6 pre-orders are set to take place at 4:30AM PDT / 7:30AM EDT tomorrow, as the company noted on Twitter:

As for Bell’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus contract pricing for two-year terms, they were just sent to us via an anonymous tipster. Here they are below:

iPhone 6

  • 16GB – $259.95
  • 64GB – $369.95
  • 128GB – $479.95

iPhone 6 Plus

  • 16GB – $369.95
  • 64GB – $479.95
  • 128GB – $589.95

These prices are based on customers jumping on a minimum required plan of $80 per month shareable plan ($60/voice; $20 for 500MB).

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Our iPhone 6 contract pricing predictions were off by $20/$30/$30 for the iPhone 6 and $20/$30/$30 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Looks like contract pricing has increased this year, compared to starting at $229 last year for the 16GB iPhone 5s.

Expect 2-year contract prices from Rogers, Fido and Telus to be roughly the same. Unlocked pre-orders from Apple start tonight at 12:01 PDT/3AM EDT and will have a reserve and pick up option.


  • Carl

    Fido starts at 3 AM PDT.

  • stanvx

    $260?? Is this some sort of a joke?

  • Link or source?

  • Whoops, we already had that info. Was thinking 6am EDT in my head. ignore

  • STFU

    BELL go home you are drunk

  • Waibashi

    That is really expensive… Why didn’t they at least upped the minimum storage size to 32GB.

    80$ minimum is also a ripoff. I’m currently on Koodo with a 3GB unlimited Canada wide package for 58$ tax in… I would never switch for just 1GB.

  • xxxXxxx

    Just off the phone with rogers and they told me its going to start from 199 no clear answear on when can order tho.



  • Can people tell me why if you can afford to fork out $589.95 for 128GB 6+, why can’t you just save another $500 to buy the phone outright and unlocked from Apple instead of going on contract? $80 minimum with 500MB data is a joke. People need to keep their old plans!

  • cdnchinaman

    The carriers all know that those looking for contract pricing either A) can’t afford the phone in full or B) don’t want to. Knowing this, they will of course try to make some money… It’s a hit product with huge demand… If you were them, would you not do the same? It sucks but the reality is if you don’t take it, someone will. I’m getting two 6+. One 64 and one 128.

  • Adrian

    These are the prices that I saw yesterday via my source. They seem reasonable given the weaker Canadian dollar

  • Hank

    Rather than lose my old plan AND pay WAYYYYY too much for this phone on a contract, for the first time I’m buying it outright, unlocked and on a much cheaper grand fathered plan. Bell is crazy, this is too much!!

  • Kevin L

    A lot of individuals don’t know the economics of this and Most people live pay cheque to pay cheque and don’t have that cash lying around.
    If they waited 6 months and saved they could, but most people live off of credit.
    I have a contract hahaha…
    But I’m actually going to look into the economics of buying the phone first this time.

  • cdnchinaman

    Because like I posted below, some can’t afford it or don’t want to. Those that don’t want to are happy with their plans and have no issues extending a two year commitment with their carrier. I am one of them. I have no problem with my plan and so I don’t mind the contract to stay with my carrier for two years and get the phones at a lower price. I have only switched carriers once in the last 15 years so contract is not a big deal for someone like me. Don’t know about everyone else. For some, it’s money. For others, it’s an opportunity to save some money to stay with a carrier they’re happy with.

  • Nice to see a different perspective. I have been buying my phone outright and unlocked for the last 10+ years. I often take advantage of whoever offers me a better plans. I prefer to save money this way. But then again, everyone is different.

  • If you have a nice and cheap grandfathered plan, this would really make sense and save you tons of money.

  • cdnchinaman

    I would say that these days, unless you go to the second tier providers like Koodo etc. the big players are all pretty competitive… Even those are owned by the big players lol. Every now and then I call in to Rogers detentions and they always look to see if they can save me money on my plan and I’m happy with that. Not everyone has that same experience and those are the ones that get stuck on contract… I’ve been fortunate I guess? Anyway all good there’s something for everyone.


    80 bucks for the base plan… 500 MB of data … Bell is CLEARLY stealing money from its customers … who can be dumb enough to get an iphone there ?
    (taxes not included)

    Bell plan : iPhone 6+ 64GB : 479 $ + (24 x 80) = 2399 $ after 24 months
    iPhone 6+ at the AppleStore + Fido 49 $ (1GB Data) : 979 $ + (24 x 49) = 2155 $ after 24 months AND your are absolutely FREE to go to any carier whenever you want.

  • rhodz_99

    Telus pre-order starts 3:01 am EST.

  • miggy_smalls

    If only we had competition here in Canada. Look at these American promos/trade-ins:

    “AT&T is offering at least $200 credit towards a new device if you trade in an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or 5C. You can also get an extra $100 in bill credit with the purchase of any iPhone”

    That’s $300 off your purchase of a new ip6 for a crappy old 4.

  • Tim M

    Telus and Rogers also charge $80 for the 500MB data plan. Fido and Koodo charge approx $35 less for the same plan

  • Kaitlyn

    If this is true then this plus the minimum priced plan requirements price me out this year sadly. First time I wouldn’t upgrade on my two year schedule since iPhones came to Canada 🙁

  • SeriusNtentions

    What a ripoff! And yes they did not want to start at 32GB because they want to milk all the isheep to buy the 64 GB!

  • SeriusNtentions

    I can’t afford it period! If I get one my wife will want one as well I wanted the 64 GB version but in quebec tax in each would cost $1114! Sorry son mom and Dad can’y take you on vacation because we needed to buy iPhones!

  • Geeta

    RIP OFF! My current plan with Fido is $65/month including a 6GB data plan. I think I’ll consider a full phone purchase, in order to keep my plan, thank you very much Bell!

  • Buzzz

    Did I read this correctly? I can’t just renew my current contract, I need to jump on a crappy new contract?


    Your plans all SUCK! Mines Unlimited Data for only $60. MTS all the way! Buy the phone outright and I get a 10% Discount which will lower my plan to $54.00

  • Kaitlyn

    Sadly if you don’t live in an area with a carrier that the big 3 consider competition you’re stuck with terrible plan options. MB/SK are amazing compared to the cruddy plans in most areas :/

  • Eric

    Why are the plans SOO Bad.. $80 for 500mb.. what a JOKE

  • CT

    Android, here I come. Arg.

  • Marc

    I seriously wonder how many people will purchase this phone on contract and take a minimum 80 dollar plan. If no one purchases this product while signing up for a new plan I’m certain they would understand they are overvaluing there services.

  • I am one of those living pay check to pay check and was going to buy a 5S (to replace my 4) when it was released but once I discovered how the plans were changed and just plain suck, I keep my money. I have saved the additional money since and will wait a month till everything settles down and availability is improved. I pay $60 for 3GB and long distance from Telus and there just isn’t a plan like that anymore.

  • Riley Freeman

    bell always charging the most smh

  • Carl

    Me too. I like the idea of being able to abandon my carrier if I get a way better option down the road anytime I want.

  • TrentBaur

    All of the Canadian prices/plans are a joke. People would be wise to not immediately jump onto the iPhone 6 wagon otherwise telcos will just continue to gouge the consumer. The minimum plan amount is really criminal.

    My wife is due for an upgrade and we’ll probably be looking to go with an unlocked phone, maybe bought from the US.

  • TrentBaur

    This is it exactly -> Canadians need to NOT queue up for the iPhone 6

  • Anon

    Some old plans on retentions had credits. Mine had aprox. $20 worth, and some features like nation wide calling, R2R expires at the end of this year. I dread that day.

  • Anon

    “Retentions” no longer exists, along with ANY savings.

  • Anon

    If you have any family that live in the area, you can use their address to get those cheap plans. Let’s just say when my plan expires, I’m temp. moving to Winnipeg for a month or so to get one of them plans and discounted iPhone 6 on contract. Lol

  • Steve Grenier

    Likewise, I ordered one from Apple. I love my existing plan, to match what I have with their new plans I’d be paying almost 40% more. I’ll recover the initial expense over the next year.

  • dutch

    Wow – I’m steaming with Bell right now! I preordered because hell, my phone is done and I do need a new one. I was informed I had to call in and change my plan and get a new offer on a two year.

    I have right now unlimited everything (texts, data) 200 daytime and evenings at 6. I had the intention of keeping my plan and hopefully getting more for less at this point, maybe $50 before tax a month.
    Instead I was offered an absurd set of three new plans. One was $55/mth with 1GB data, the second was $85/mth with 2GB data and third was $90/mth with 6GB. All my minutes etc would stay unchanged.

    I was livid at this and am cancelling my pre-order, and am looking around for options.
    I’m currently a bit past half on my 3-year term and because of this term I have a plan that they don’t have anymore.

  • Generalissimo_S

    Talk to retentions. I had a $65 plan (550 out/unlimited in, 6 GB). I avoided upgrading for the 5S because I would have had to buy one of their new, crappy, 2 year plans. Not worth it. Just recently they began to offer a loyalty plan for $75, same options as above.

  • dutch

    I did and this was what they offered! I am going to try calling again

  • Carl Pilon

    pissed off, had the new phone in my hand, but no way am i giving up 6gigs for $30

  • Dragoslav Zuber

    Canada has the most expensive wireless industry in the world (fact) due to its size/coverage and population density. I still think its bs that we have to pay these ridiculous prices. They are able to get iPhone 6 free (tmobile) on a two year contract for $50 for 1GB. We just got two year contracts as standard (that was long overdue) and who knows how long we’ll have to wait to get american equivalent pricing.

  • guywithphone

    I got my phone two days ago. I was able to add an iPhone 6 plus to my family share account for $60 a month (two year contract). That seemed fair. Our family shares 6.4GB of data amongst 4 phones.