Rogers, Telus and Bell iPhone 6 Contract Price Predictions


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We already know outright unlocked Canadian iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pricing, but what about 2-year contracts? Most likely we will find out prices this Friday, the day where users can pre-order devices from Rogers, Telus and Bell (and from Apple).

If we take a look at last year’s iPhone 5s unlocked pricing and contract pricing, we can probably take a good stab at what this year’s iPhone 6 contract pricing will be.

Last year’s 2-year contract pricing:

  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $229
  • 32GB iPhone 5s – $329
  • 64GB iPhone 5s – $439

Last year’s unlocked pricing from Apple:

  • 16GB iPhone 5s: $719
  • 32GB iPhone 5s: $819
  • 64GB iPhone 5s: $919

This year’s unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pricing:

  • 16GB iPhone 6: $749 (+$100 vs US)
  • 64GB iPhone 6: $859 (+$110 vs US)
  • 128GB iPhone 6: $969 (+$120 vs US)
  • 16GB iPhone 6 Plus: $859 (+$110 vs US)
  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $969 (+$120 vs US)
  • 128GB iPhone 6 Plus: $1079 (+$130 vs US)

Predictions for 2-year iPhone 6 Pricing with Rogers, Telus and Bell:

  • 16GB iPhone 6: $239 (+$40 vs US)
  • 64GB iPhone 6: $339 (+$40 vs US)
  • 128GB iPhone 6: $449 (+$50 vs US)
  • 16GB iPhone 6 Plus: $349 (+$50 vs US)
  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $449 (+$50 vs US)
  • 128GB iPhone 6 Plus: $559 (+$60 vs US)

Here’s how I came up with these unscientific calculations. I took the percentage of last year’s up front iPhone 5s cost and divided it by the unlocked price, then applied that number casually to this year’s iPhone 6 unlocked pricing.

Coupled with Apple’s penchant for price patterns (compared to US subsidized prices as well), we made an educated guess of what pricing might look like. Surely it has to be around this ballpark right–because everything is always more expensive in Canada.

What do you think 2-year iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus contract pricing will look like from Rogers, Telus and Bell?

We’ll find out later this week when pre-orders kick off on September 12.


  • Carl

    They must be waiting until tomorrow to announce details.

  • DDSpeed3

    more Info | view rate plans
    New Activation Prices
    select 24-Months 16GB with Smartphone plans $60+$230.00
    select 24-Months 64GB with Smartphone plans $60+$330.00
    select24-Months 128GB with Smartphone plans $60+$450.00

    New Activation Prices
    24-Months 16GB with Smartphone plans $60+$330.00
    select24-Months 64GB with Smartphone plans $60+$440.00
    select24-Months 128GB with Smartphone plans $60+$550.00

  • floydstyle

    my fear is to not be able to keep my 60$ plan, unlimited call canada, txt,vids, and 3GB data

  • Nicolas

    Where did you take that from ?

  • ehmjay

    While I speak with no real authority on the matter, my understanding is that if you try to upgrade via the carrier you’ll probably have to change your awesome plan.

    BUT, get an unlocked phone and you’ll probably be safe. When I upgrade to an iPhone 5 I didn’t tell Rogers anything and kept my good plan. Finally mentioned it (since I figured my cost should go down since I’m technically “bringing my own device”) and they told me the only way to get the BYO price change (of $10/month) was to switch to a newer, shittier plan that actually was more expensive than my current plan.

    But again, don’t quote me on this. You need a PhD to understand how this carrier math works.

  • Gman

    How would an upgrade work if I am on a family plan with 4 phones sharing data 2G, voice 400 day and unlimited everything else etc. I pay $85 and my other family members pay $25 for each phone. We all have different anniversary upgrade dates.

    If I buy a new phone on upgrade, how can they change my plan and not affect my other family’s rates?

  • RJ

    Buying the unlocked version from Apple. Ive got my nice little $70 plan that includes 6 gigs of data. No way Im risking losing that just to sign another two year contract.

  • stiguy

    Koodo has 5gb for 49.50 a month

  • Riley Freeman

    our dollar is not that far off, i wish it was the same price but we always get shafted

  • Anon

    Buying a phone with a contract is just not good – you are far better off buying the phone unlocked from apple – no contract – cancel out of the cell provider at any time – and you will be able to sell the phone easily from year to year without a problem – contracts are a pain, there is a reason it’s cheap with a contract – unlocked is the way to go – buy from apple online!

  • dk

    where did u see that kinda plan?

  • dk

    mind me ask which company are you with?

  • stiguy

    It is only available in Manitoba /Saskatchewan for Telus and koodo for bring your own device for 49.50 a month. You can still get it if you are out of that province. If you search redflagdeals koodo there is a very long thread on how to do so which involves making a MB number with that plan and switching your number to a local one after and keeping the plan

  • CoolStuff88

    I used to work for Bell Mobility so let me tell you how it works with them as I’m pretty it’s about the same from one company to another. So I believe family plans don’t really exist anymore anywhere, at least not with Bell Mobility. What is offered instead now is shareable data plans, meaning that what you currently have has most likely been grandfathered, therefore cannot be renewed on a 2yr term (previously 3yr). Having said that, if you upgrade your phone and being the “principal user” of that family plan, you will have to:
    1. change your plan (probably gonna cost you a lot more, unfortunately)
    2. change the plan of everybody else in your family plan (more money spending, again! most plans with talk,text&data are minimum 50-60$ if you’re lucky)
    in order to comply to the new 2yr plan – or so cellphone company says, blaming it on the CRTC to justify their (crazy) price increase.

    So if you upgrade your phone on a contract, DO expect to pay a lot more every month since a plan with unlimited talk&text canadawide + (only) 500mb is around 80$ with Superphones such as iPhones, Galaxy s5, etc… unless you can get yourself a loyalty plan. The only exception to those high prices are Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan who have lower prices.
    In other words, there is unfortunately no way around not affecting the other members of the plan’s rates so your only other option here is to buy the phone at retail price directly from Apple, which would allow you to keep the term and price you have currently.

  • f1ght3r

    Is this still possible? I’ve found the thread on howardforums but it’s from last year. I can’t see if this promo plan is still around. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Kevin L

    Not at all.
    Great work with the math and explanation!

  • Thank you, kind sir. 🙂

  • Jezzah

    I spoke at length with a Rogers rep about upgrade options, as Ive been month to month with a $75/6gb plan on an iPhone 5, I was strongly advised not to do a hardware upgrade. Rogers is now strictly enforcing their new hardware upgrade policy which requires a new in-market plan at a minimum of $80.

    To get an equivalent data bundle will cost $125+tax, $50 more than I pay now. At $50 X 24 months = $1200 extra. And that is just ridiculous. If you have a good plan now, dont ever give it up.

  • Fred

    Called rogers yesterday, its 199$ for a 16gb iphone 6, 299$ for the 64gb and 100$ more for the plus

  • skguy

    Im in sk. I have the 5 gig for 52. I cant find the deal your talking about??

  • avonord

    What’s the $60?

  • Jeff

    Bell Aliant Store in Halifax called me today with Pre-Order pricing and I was told the iPhone 6 64GB is $369 on a 2 year and the Plus 64GB is $479 on a 2 year. I am going to bite the bullet and get the Plus version. Bell requires the entire cost of the phone (Contract Pricing) as a deposit for the phone. I was also told that the Plan is $60+$20 Data minimum. So for a family share with 2gb, its $60/$30/$60.

  • gregyul

    Bell told me the Iphone 6 64GB would be $369

  • Guest

    Hey guys. Just got off the phone with Bell. The 2 year contract prices are as follows….
    iPhone 6 16gb: $259.95
    iPhone 6 64gb: $369.95
    iPhone 6 128gb: $479.95

    iPhone 6 Plus 16gb: $369.95
    iPhone 6 Plus 64gb: $479.95
    iPhone 6 Plus 128gb: $589.95

  • Will Maitner

    They are making bank on the different tiers of iPhone. To charge us an extra $10 on each upgrade is shameful.

  • Thanks

  • STFU

    What have you been smoking? did you call AT&T..

  • ticky13

    Koodo? I have the same one. Never letting it go!

  • 2mon

    The exchange is about 1.1, which isn’t far off from the premium apple is charging.

  • Rick

    I’m just going to put this out there .. a Samsung S5 in the US is $199.99 on plan. Its $47.99 here. I guess Samsung likes Canada more than Apple does.

    And BTW… Bell Loyalty will give you a $90 plan with 6GB data.

  • Sean Holt

    i agree with you buy the reality is that most people can not afford to by a new phone outright. lets be honest phones are not cheap. yes it saves you money in the long run it is the 100+ that is the problem for most people. if phones were not subsided companies would lose millions in revenue