Rogers, Fido iPhone 6 Pre-Orders to Start Sept. 12 via Reservation System [u]

Rogers and Fido have confirmed to us iPhone 6 pre-orders will start this Friday, September 12, via both companies’ reservations systems, which have been used in the past for previous iPhone launches. A company spokesperson sent the following statement via email:

Rogers and Fido customers may begin to reserve starting September 12 at and

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Update: Fido has tweeted their reservations will kick off at 6AM EDT on September 12:

Yesterday, we confirmed Fido would be part of the iPhone 6 launch as unlisted landing pages were discovered. TELUS has already confirmed a registration page is live for iPhone 6, while Bell also confirmed with us pre-orders would start this Friday too. Expect the pre-order time to begin at midnight PDT/3AM EDT on Friday.

Again, expect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stock to be limited. Last year, iPhone 5s demand overwhelmed Rogers, while again caused hiccups with activations on launch day. TELUS asked customers to visit stores to get device models of their choice based on limited availability.

We suspect the same issues will occur this year too, as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mark the biggest changes we’ve seen to the iPhone yet. Don’t forget this time around, new iPhones will most likely result in a minimum $80 per month plan if you’re going to signing a two-year contract.

Are you going to reserving an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus through Rogers or Fido?

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  • Carl

    If you’re with Fido, they don’t have that $80/month requirement.

  • Donald Allen

    If you reserve via Fido, when do you pay? Immediately? Or does it come off your bill?

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    So, I started a new contract this time last year to get the 5s, now I want to get the 6+. Is there any way for me to keep my 6gig plan and still get the new phone with rogers? Other than buying an unlocked phone.

  • gtasscarlo

    No you’re screwed. My plan is $77.97 tax in with unlimited talk and text and 6GB data. I can switch to the $125 plan=$141.25 tax in to get an new iPhone 6; but that is actually more expensive. So over 2 years that’s $1518 more. It’s cheaper to buy outright to save $500 subsidy.

  • Shaun

    “Last year, iPhone 5s demand overwhelmed Rogers, while again caused hiccups with activations on launch day”.

    This has been going on for years now! You’d think Rogers being one of the big 3 would anticipate this and have their crap figured out. Common guys, there’s NO excuse for this to happen again.

  • Mitch Richardson

    i contacted telus and they said i can keep my 65 dollar a month 6gb data plan if i upgrade to iPhone 6

  • JT

    Registration also open from TELUS as well.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    That’s so crazy, I can’t believe they’re allowed to pricehike it like that. I hate rogers so fucking much.

  • JT

    Should update the title including TELUS as well for pre-order registration.

  • Article already includes link to TELUS, which we announced yesterday.

  • Eric

    What time fido for iPhone 6 friday?

  • We reported about the TELUS registration page yesterday, you might have missed it.

  • Last year I believe it didn’t go live until around 6AM PDT/9AM EDT

  • Eric

    Are we assuming “contract” prices will be $249, $349, $449 (for the 6) ($50 more then US pricing) and $349, $449, $549 for the 6+???

  • hub2

    Be careful and get that in writing so you’re not put on a different contract behind your back. Cell companies have pulled bait-and-switch on enough friends that I don’t trust them (heck, even on printed hardcopy listed one add-on, but in reality a different one had been attached to the plan).

  • hub2

    You know, I can’t entirely blame them. Even with months of planning and a lot more money, Apple couldn’t pull off yesterday’s live stream without significant glitches. Asking carriers to adapt their systems to be scalable enough to handle a flood of activations that happens only one day out of the year is a bit much.

  • Shaun

    Oh I loved that Asian overdub yesterday lol

  • Shaun

    Is this before or after taxes? Cuz my bill is $76.13 before and $85.27 after taxes. I’m like right on the line it seems. I don’t want to lose my 6 gig data plan that I’ve had forever. Oh and does this only apply to 2 year contracts? Cuz I’m on a 3 year… so would this even apply to me?

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    My hope is that they do a launch day promo on plans, that’s what they did when the 5 and 5s came out. I guess I won’t know until the day of.

  • Jay Aulik

    no offence but I hate when people hand big 3 their money and then complain about them. Not classy. They don’t have a gun to your head.

    You have a choice, do you want to be part of the problem and complain about it or take a stand!

    choice it yours!

  • fidosuckssometimesthough

    you guys are paying too much for those monthly contract plans. i bought my iphone 5s last year from the apple store. then I went to fido taking advantage of their “Bring your own phone discount” getting 10% off of any oftheir plans, so i got the $49 plan with 1gb(there was a promo at that time) so now I’ve been paying a little over $45 a month. my total cost is less than those who are in a 2-year contract, and I can change my plan whenever I want.

  • jlupini

    Although they haven’t announced pricing requirements – it is possible that they’ll add something similar.

  • jlupini

    According to Fido’s twitter: “Reservation opens between 6-7AM ET on the 12th.”

  • jlupini

    You pay the $40 to reserve (which you later get back). You pay for the phone when you pick it up in-store on launch day.

  • Shaun

    Yah but you just said you only have 1gb a month. That is not enough for me. Even with 6 I still reach my limit before my month is up.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    We have no choice, I don’t know if you’ve realized but other than the big 3, there aren’t many other options. Not everyone can afford 1000$ for a new phone, so a lot of people require these contracts. Clearly the big 3 are taking advantage of that. So tell me smart guy, what’s the cheapest way for me to get a 6+ without it costing a figurative arm and leg.

  • Swerve

    I was on an old 6GB retention plan with Rogers. I am moving to a new plan to get my Iphone 6, unlimited national calling, iphone value pack and 3GB of data for 84.00 per month. I have my cable, home phone and internet with Rogers. I do lose 3GB of data but am paying about $6 less per month. I just got this plan with them today

  • slicecom

    I have the same retention plan. I wish I could make do with 3GB of data. I need 6GB minimum. Sometimes I go over with 6GB. Looks like I’ll be buying outright.

  • mounties99

    then people should approach cell phones like they do almost everything else in life; If you can’t afford it, don’t get one. That means either the device outright or the commitment (contract) that comes with a subsidized phone.

    Chances are, most people just want the shiny new toy and there is nothing wrong with their existing phone. I mean, I dislike the big three as much as the next person, but they’re not taking advantage of people.

  • Ben

    I have a retention plan, I contacted Rogers via the Live Chat (I ALWAYS use live chat now so I have what they say in writing since they are notoriously bad for saying they never said something). Agent confirmed I can upgrade, pay off device balance, and get a new subsidized phone on a new 2 year contract without losing my retention plan. I have the chat transcript saved/printed and have an interaction ID. Worth a shot if you’re concerned.

  • Jordan

    In the past I have been able to get it billed to my account. Is this still possible

  • jlupini

    The cost of the phone? No clue. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

  • RIP to the live stream crew that was responsible for that SNAFU. I heard they went ‘missing’.

  • jlupini

    Oh cool – I’ll try this for fido.

  • wongnog

    Is your current retention plan less than or greater than $80/month? My retention plan is $61/month with 6Gb data, and I have a year left on my iPhone 5 Flextab. I called Retentions and they offered me a “deal”, which was to upgrade to a new in market 2 year plan but to keep 6Gb data I would pay $85/month (regular $125). They would also throw in a one-time credit to reduce my $150 device balance to $25. It’s a tough call for me as it works out to roughly the same amount (or less) to buy factory unlocked from Apple and keep my current plan.

  • MrBambinoDent

    Will Apple sell unlocked ones on their online store?

  • Yes

  • Noel

    I’m on the Virgin no-contract $45 TBay 6GB/Unlimited Everything plan (which was available to anyone with half a brain for over a year) and so I’ll just buy my next iPhone outright ‘n unlocked whenever I feel like it. I’m in no rush. Love my iPhone 5.

  • Noel

    You must be either watching a lot of video and/or playing a lot of games. I don’t do either on my iPhone but use it quite a bit and barely hit 2.5GB/mos.

  • Noel

    Um, it’s called capitalism? By the stock and enjoy the profits and dividends if you are so pissed. Sheesh!

  • Noel

    I lived without a cell phone for 40 years. You can too. No one absolutely has to have one.

  • Ben

    Mine is $74 i believe but I have a customer service credit that brings it down to 60ish

  • Lucas

    Rogers always bills to your account for upgrades. So long as your account is in good standing you can get the upgrade and you pay nothing when you pick up the phone, you pay your monthly balance w/ the phone included at the end of your billing period.

  • wongnog

    I don’t understand how you can keep your retention plan. If you sign a new 2 year contract, it has to be one of their “share everything” plans. The old retention plans are not eligible for 2 year contracts, only the new ones are. Even though you have it in writing, I bet Rogers will do their best not to honor it. But good luck!

  • Anthony

    Go with Fido, Koodo, Virgin. Usually significantly cheaper

  • Anthony

    Why can’t you guys keep you’re retention plans. I’ve had the 6gb plan and upgraded every year since the 3gs. Is that a Rogers rule. I’m with Fido

  • Anthony

    I’ve upgraded with Fido for the past 4-5 years and I’ve never paid anything in the store

  • Shaun

    I actually download a lot of podcasts and stream online radio when I’m at the gym.

  • Jay Aulik

    well said!

  • Stef

    I’ve been with Virgin on contract, but the 6 Plus will be my first time purchasing outright. I’m kind of confused by their plans as far as which ones apply to bring-your-own. Is your plan there on their site?

  • maxiroy

    I will be interested to see if he has any problems when he does go to do it. They are adamant that you cannot upgrade to the iphone 6 and get the full subsidized cost unless you have a share everything plan. Having it in writing really doesn’t do you any good as they will just say that is just a mistake. I see this happen all the time. Anyways Ben let us know how it goes.

  • slicecom

    I’ve kept my retention plan every year I’ve upgraded until this one. Don’t be surprised if Fido follows suit considering they’re owned by Rogers.

  • wongnog

    I think it would be different if it was documented as a deal by a customer relations rep, but because it was on live chat only Rogers will say those CSRs don’t have the power to make that kind of promise and it was a mistake. But hey crazier things have happened so I’m rooting for you to beat the system! 🙂

  • avonord

    For Rogers small business, there is a separate reserve page under the “Product & Services” tab. But when I got in there, it asked me to login and the login did not work. Anyhow, from some of the forum posts that I read, Rogers really screed business customers who reserved the iPhone 5s last year. The guy who was in the #1 spot waited more than a month but still no phone. So, I think I will line up in person.

  • Noel

    No lol. If it was everybody would be getting it. It was a limited time offer for people who lived in Thunder Bay, but it was well publicized on how to get it without living there. I’ll keep this plan forever. Been on it 2 years now.

  • Yes, it was a nightmare for business customers last year

  • Anthony

    I’ve already set it up like years previous. I call, cancel my contract ahead of time that way I just walk in and pick up the phone.


    leather case for iPhone6 plus, I like the black twill. looks carbon fiber pattern, eager to have my new iPhone6 plus

  • Kekeke

    iPhone 6 plus won’t be available for pre-order tomorrow, however the iPhone 6 will be, calling it now.

  • gk

    i already reserved mine,, 6 plus 64GB Gold, on fido website 1am PST! yay

  • Mike Hearts

    How do I complete my order? I get to the point where I choose where the phone is shipped to and then I can’t scroll down any more