Rogers Promo: $60/10GB Plan Extends to Ontario, Bonus Data Now Permanent [u]


Update Dec. 18: Rogers and Fido have extended this offer to existing customers to December 19.

It’s all about the wireless deals, baby. After Rogers and Fido launched a $60 promo plan with 5GB data and 5GB bonus data in BC and Alberta right in Telus and Freedom Mobile territory, it triggered a landslide of matching deals from all carriers and their flanker brands.

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After Ontario was excluded from the original $60/10GB deal, Rogers has extended the offer to the province today. Users will get unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, access to Roam Like Home, plus the following:

  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Group Calling
  • 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
  • Includes all monthly Rogers Communications service fees.
  • Available on month-to-month or 2-year term
  • Overage $7/100MB
  • $25/line connection fee

The Rogers website fine print says the offer ends December 18, 2017, available to new or existing customers “who activate or upgrade to a non-share line on an eligible plan.”

Also, it now appears Rogers and Fido are no longer limiting the 5GB bonus data to 24 months, according to one memo posted to RFD:

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Another iPhone in Canada reader also confirmed the change:

The Rogers website here also no longers mention bonus data of only 24 months, so it looks like it’s now permanent. If you jumped on this Rogers/Fido plan when the 5GB bonus data was limited to 24 months, call in and double check your plan!

Best Buy is also advertising the launch of this $60/10GB promo plan in Ontario for Virgin, Koodo, Fido and Telus.

Don’t forget Freedom Mobile also launched a $50/10GB plan today as well with Canada/USA calling, to make another move against the Big 3.

What are you going to do? Holy smokes it’s been a crazy 48 hours in the wireless world. Competition (in AB/BC/ON) is possible thanks to Freedom Mobile.

Update: You can now change to this plan yourself by logging into your account on


  • Andrew

    Sorry for double messaging but just saw this more recent post.
    I’m with Fido and was just about to call in and try and change my plan to this new offer, but it seems that the “Visual Voicemail” package for the iPhone is separate.
    This would add an extra $5 to the $60 plan.
    Is this correct?

  • Brandon Persaud

    fido too? permanently?

  • cjdmuppet

    I ported to Bell yesterday as they didn’t want to budge for me. Guess they’re feeling the heat.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    LMAO Rogers sure bled a lot in the past 48 hours! Thank you Freedom for pushing the big3 to an acceptable price point!

  • Mike

    I called Rogers retention and had them confirm. They said it’s only 10GB for 2 yrs and then it’s 5GB. Has anyone else had any luck with the 10GB not expiring?

  • warpdrive

    Waiting for my callback from Telus now…

  • Arthur Shen

    It says 10gb for 24 months, and 5gb after that

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    Keep calling guys, there’s been more than one proof from RFD of this is NOT a 5+5 bonus for 24 months. It will not be expired after and you will be able to keep the 10GB after 24 months but knowing Rogers, they will find ways to increase the price because it is a BYOD plan.

  • Steve

    I just called Fido and changed my plan to this promo. I made sure to ask if the 5gb expires after 24 months and she said NO its permanent they just changed it in their system as of today. It also a full Pulse Plan with Fido. included 6 months Spotify and 5 hours of free data. Super pumped to get this deal!!

  • Yo mama

    I called and waited about 30 mins before i spoke to a human. However Rogers and Fido allows you to make the changes online. I just changed my plan to this about an hour ago since I was on Month to Month and BYOD. My sister in law spoke to the rep before I hung up, but couldn’t change her 4 lines as they had Tabs since they upgraded in August.

    The rep did just call me back to tell me that he just got a memo that said this would be open to accounts with Tabs starting tommorow. Premium tab would be $85 and Premium Plus would be $110 and there is no end date for this promo though it starts on Sunday December 17.

  • Bob Smith

    Can anyone confirm what their fido account looks like ? Mine only says 5 gigs i feel like i just screwed?

  • It’s Me

    Permanent. Forever.

    Or whenever they decide to change it back.

    They are saying anything they can to stem the losses. They did not anticipate how much people wanted any excuse to leave them and they gave them the excuse by telling customers to screw off when asked to match Koodo initially.

    They will say anything to get you to stay now. Whether they keep their word is an entirely different matter but one that history can be instructive about.

  • Mike

    My rogers account says 5gigs but confirmed with 2 agents it’s 10GB, just not updated yet because it meant to be 5GB bonus.

  • warpdrive

    Got the callback. Switched back to TELUS. 10gb does not expire. Great deal….. but I still long for Apple Watch cellular connectivity…. ?

  • Stefan

    Please do not sign up with big 3! Go with Freedom Mobile if you want even more comparative plans in Canada!

  • Bob Smith

    Okay thank goodness so should be visible within a day or 2

  • Correct. Also gives discounted international long distance.

  • Mike

    Maybe. They said the data should show 10GB in a few days. Not sure if the plan name will change. I would get them to document it and get a reference number.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    Exactly!! Freedom is finally stirring up the competition and last thing we do is to take whatever Robellus throws at us!

  • Amanda M

    It is true, 10GB will not expire after 24 months. Just got off phone with Roger’s rep. 10 GB is definitely permanent.

  • slicecom

    That pricing doesn’t seem right. Isn’t premium usually $10 more than Premium Plus? Why would there be a $25 spread?

  • designedbydave

    If what you say is accurate to those with Tabs, I’m definitely going to switch over to this plan.

  • warpdrive

    The Telus 10gb plan does support the cellular Apple Watch. I’m on it and it works. Just not shareable data between the 2 devices. You get 10gb for the phone, and 1gb for the Watch. Works for me as I don’t stream from Apple Music. I am very happy right now….!

  • OpenMobile

    Yep, the data “bucket” is non-shareable on Bell/Telus/Rogers, so Apple Watch 3 customers have to get a separate plan for their watch (but, only for this promo plan).
    Telus offers the 1GB AW3 plan for $10/month with a $20 activation.
    Hopefully Fido does something different when they launch the watch in 2018. (going to stay with them and cross my fingers).

  • Bob

    I’m having this same issue but was told by the rep it will be 10gb. Sure it’ll be fine or they’ll have a lot of angry customers. Any 5gb $60 plan bought this weekend is pretty much 10gb permanent

  • Bob

    Not anymore it’s 10 permanent now. Some of the reps haven’t gotten the email yet. The one I spoke to said no – then called me back 5 mins later and said he just got the email and he’ll sign me up.

  • Bob

    Not anymore it’s 10 permanent now. Some of the reps haven’t gotten the email yet. The one I spoke to said no – then called me back 5 mins later and said he just got the email and he’ll sign me up asap.

  • Vince

    thank you for the info! Worked and saved me some money!

  • Ambam

    Pricing seems about right since Telus is offering that same deal $85 10gb PREM tab plan – guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  • Kellie

    Mine says 5 gigs when I signed in but my email confirmation does confirm the 10 gigs total!

  • Riddlemethis

    If you look at the various assessments from different and recent online resources you quickly come to the logical conclusion that Freedom has poor coverage and pales in comparison to any of the other providers.

  • Riddlemethis

    Too late for many, they signed up with the competition. Rogers should’ve taken the initiative and promoted no term from day 1.

    Rogers has been losing a lot of ground to the other providers, Rogers network speeds are second last to Freedom’s and that’s not helping them win over customers. They also have a horrible reputation of increasing their rate plans for existing customers. Expect the $60 monthly plan to jump in price in the new year for those who signed up this weekend.

  • Stefan

    I agree with that, but we should consider it as an investment into a better future. Clearly it is working and we should not let big 3 lure us easily.

  • Ambam

    Looks Like the $85 10gb PREM tab and $110 PREM + tab are available in AB and BC – Rogers rep told me their systems are going through maintenance and to try back tomorrow morning to see if its been updated..

  • Riddlemethis

    I totally agree! This is what we’ve been missing and it’s great to see the market come alive. I wonder though why all of a sudden. Freedom has had similar promos this year.

  • Valliere Ron

    Just changed to this deal on Rogers. So happy. Sharing at $195 for two phones on 10 GB to 10 each now!?!? Awesome. Yes, I did have to pay off the subsidies still on them but the savings will make that even in a couple of months. The rep said they have been super busy specifically because of this. She said I was the 42nd for her tonight!!!

  • Boom!

  • Bob Smith

    Has anyone been able to get a 10$ discount for 12 months with fido. They’re advertising that any plan thats over 55$ gets a 10$ discount

  • aaron

    yup…I left after 9 years yesterday when they wouldn’t match bell

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    Can’t seem to find anything on this but can this be switch if you’re in a contract?

  • tridus

    And if you’re in the Maritimes, lol. Nothing for you.

  • Jonny Cordner

    The big three don’t care about this price matching as they are making huge revenue on the remaining provinces that don’t have access to these plans .

  • Ambam

    Its available in ON! As per their website. $85 prem tab 10gb or $110 for prem + tab go get it before it ends DEC 18th!!

  • winnertakesteve

    kinda want to give this a try, but I wanted to verify the details with an online chat agent first (wary when fido doesn’t explicitly say the 10gb is permanent, even if people have had successes here), but no one seems to be responding. :-/

  • Stefan, you’re lying to yourself if you thing Freedom will ever become as good as the big three in terms of coverage.
    The Big 3 have been here for so long they have 99% of the area of big cities surveyed, including places like the PATH.
    The only reason why I might ever fantasize about Freedom, is for the TTC coverage.
    I live by the Harbourfront, and Freedom has 0 coverage in my condo tower

  • They can still go back haha!
    I have a friend who went from TELUS to Freedom, then found out there was no coverage in his building.
    …Back there you go

  • nothing for you in general, if you’re in maritimes…

  • OpenMobile

    It’s permanent….across the board, with all of the carriers. They had to do this as Koodo made it permanent, so they’ve all matched it.
    Lots of us have confirmed this is permanent with Fido – our bills in January will show as having the 10GB of data (may show as 5+5), but it’s permanent. None of the other parameters of existing Pulse plan subscribers change (unlimited canada wide, etc, etc).

  • Jon

    Just signed up for this plan. Was on a City of Toronto EPP, they had to remove the employee discount in order to change to this plan.

    Now I get double the amount of data for the same price

  • Jon

    I just successfully upgraded to this plan.

    I was on a City of Toronto EPP. The rep had to remove the discount from that plan in order to change to this promo.

  • jef-FRY

    Wait till they partner with Rogers network ?

  • They won’t.
    The reasons why Vidéotron and Rogers are partner is because Rogers knew that as soon as Vidéotron would launch their network, they would lose a lot of customers because in Québec, Rogers only provides Wireless services whereas Vidéotron has everything.
    Also, Rogers had tried at some point to buy Vidéotron but one of the shareholders declined because, well Québec nationalism.
    Even in the early years, Vidéotron customers could fall on Rogers network, even in their home zone, whereas with Freedom, you can only fall on the other networks outside of the home zone.

    Oh also, Freedom is now owned by Shaw, Rogers and Vidéotron’s competitor.
    So, not happening.

  • Char

    Freedom has horrible signal/service.. every person who calls me with Freedom sounds like theyre under water or i can hear myself echo every word.. message and texts rarely get through right away… its absurd and laughable to say we should consider it an investment to get Freedom

  • Char

    You must own a Freedom store

  • HowardHughes2nd

    These are great deals but I’m still on the $38 dollar Public Mobile for 4GB / month promo plan.

    I don’t really need more data and I’m paying 37 dollars now since it’s been a year with them.

  • LittleStef

    Will Rogers ever increase the plan at some point? Is it true that telus always keeps the same price no matter what?

  • Julie Taylor

    You can buy out the rest of your contact then switch to this plan.

  • ILoathRogers

    Just called Rogers (Sunday afternoon) and switched, said for Ontario its still 5GB + 5GB that expires. Rep said she confirmed with two managers. Also said they can take away bonus data if you make any changes to your account at all if they want. Pointed out it just says 10GB on their website, not 5+5 anymore. Rep didn’t care, waiting for a call back from manager, but rep assured me manager will agree with her. Was also told I was not allowed to escalate this issue until a manager called me back, if they don’t call me back then I can call office of the president. Only catch is they claim only managers have the number to the office of the president. Nice catch 22 there.

    I swear Rogers had better customer service when they were outsourcing to India, at least there I think their representatives had some form of accountability.

  • Jon

    I signed up for this plan over the chat feature. I was assured by the rep that the 5GB bonus would not expire at the end of 24 months, as long as no changes are made to the plan. I have the saved chat history.

  • Bailey

    Just changed. Thanks Gary. They also charge $85/month if you owe money on your hardware. Still an awesome deal.
    The call taker says they’ve been swamped with calls. Some people waited on hold for 2 hours. I was lucky.

  • Cheers

  • tofuuu630

    So you can do this over the phone? No going into the store necessary?

  • Bailey

    Yes. Dial *611 from your cell. But be prepared for a long wait.

  • Yes, or change over to the plan yourself

  • tofuuu630

    I have been blind to this whole bs service Rogers has been giving their customers but finally made the switch to Telus with the promo. Not going back to Robbers.

  • El Cockblock

    Impossible to get through to a live agent. Live chat agents are not available (a.k.a chat is disabled).

    Been trying for over two hours to get through, every time I surf the phone menu and at the end I get a busy signal and then disconnected.

  • montymon

    45 minutes dialing, then an hour and a half on hold. Finally talked to an agent and five minutes later all three lines on my share everything account were switched.

    The Rogers agent said it was quick because it’s all he’s been doing all day.

  • YouKnowMe????

    Yep which is why I went with Telus

  • willy john

    shaw has invested a lot of money in freedom mobile you will be surprised next year how their network will improve

  • Sar

    Lol it’s not even worth it. My customers can barely get a signal with freedom even when they’re near an exit underground.

  • aaddea

    I just got off the phone with rogers rentention and got the plan. 10 gig for 60 a month no term