Consumers Filed 1600+ Complaints vs Public Mobile Over $40/4GB Price Hike: CCTS


Last week, Public Mobile surprised customers by informing them the coveted $40/4GB plan was increasing by $10 per month, despite previously promising the price would never change for active customers.

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Obviously, people were upset and started to file complaints with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) over the issue. We now have a number on just how many complaints were received by the CCTS, leading up to the reversal by Public Mobile.

CCTS Commissioner and CEO, Howard Maker, informed iPhone in Canada in a statement to say, “Last week’s events involving Public Mobile and the customers of its $40/4GB and $120/12 GB plan were very instructive. Consumers felt angry and misled, and used their collective voices to effect change.”

Maker explains on top of hearing customer views on social media, the CCTS also received a huge number of complaints in just 1.5 days. He says “In the day and a half before Public Mobile changed course, consumers had filed over 1,600 complaints with the CCTS about this issue, using our secure online interactive questionnaire.”

“I can tell you that Public Mobile was well aware that its customers were contacting us en masse,” added Maker.

The CCTS reiterated when filing a complaint, it is imperative customers first contact their telecom about the issue and let them try to resolve it. Otherwise, your complaint with the CCTS may fail to move forward, as telecoms can reject complaints which do not follow procedure.

Maker concluded to say “As the Commissioner of the CCTS, I thank you for letting your readers know about their right to complain to the CCTS, and the option of submitting their complaint online. One of the things that we took away from these events is that our online questionnaire is easy for consumers to find and simple to use. That’s good news.”

The initial decision by Public Mobile to increase the price of the $40/4GB plan has turned out to be a devastating one, as their share of CCTS complaints have skyrocketed.

In 2017, Public Mobile accepted 104 CCTS complaints, out of a total 9,097 total complaints received, according to the latter’s annual report. This year, over 1,600 have already been filed against Public Mobile. It’ll be interesting to see how many of these will be accepted, as Telus’ prepaid brand will now most likely make the top 10 for complaints received, and see an astronomical year over year increase.


  • Riddlemethis

    While the complaints were received, there is no mention if the complaints were in fact deemed valid by the CTTC. As such, the takeaway is that the CTTC is misleading citizens that the complaint process is working.

    Obviously somebody higher up in the Telus chain realized what had happened was unethical. It is unknown if this person was aware of what had happened or was actually surprised at the backlash.

    It’s imperative that Public Mobile users prepare themselves that eventually PM might cease to exist and all existing customers be migrated to Koodo.

  • warpdrive

    I wouldn’t shock me one bit if TELUS shuttered public mobile. They would likely have some sort of deal to migrate existing customers to Koodo, but would it be as good of a deal as they are offering now with the $100 credit? I still have my wife and daughter on the pm plan and am seriously considering the move to Koodo. There’s a few advantages for me to make the move, but it’ll cost me a extra $3 per month for each line. Ill keep pondering it and make a decision just before the 15th I guess.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Rogers increased the cost of my plan by 17% when they bought Mobilicity. Thanks CRTC!

  • TheFloppyBeaver

    The $100 Koodo credit is only useful depending when your renewal date is for the PM plan. For example, my plan was renewed 2 days before the price increase text, so even if I waited to the last day of the Koodo offer in March, I still lose 2 months of service with Public and have to spend $15 for a Koodo sim. So that leaves me breaking even on that $100 Koodo credit.

    Furthermore, as you noticed, you lose your PM loyalty discounts and since the Koodo plan is monthly instead of 90 days, you can’t carry over any leftover data to the next month, whereas the PM data is valid for all of 90 days.

    There’s also the fact that PM said they won’t increase pricing for the plan, and we can use that to complaint to the CCTS if they try this again in the future, Koodo will surely not say something similar, leaving you with no recourse when they inevitably increase pricing.

    I’m definitely keeping my PM plan instead of switching to Koodo.

  • warpdrive


  • warpdrive

    All valid points. That’s why I’m undecided. If I waited till the 15th I’d be a bit over a month and a half into the 3month term.

  • Emil

    I think Riddlemethis is right. I don’t think a price increase is something a complaint can be submitted about. Otherwise I would send a complaint every day.

  • warpdrive