Public Mobile Switcher Offer: $40/6GB Plan If You Move to Koodo


Telus prepaid brand Public Mobile is back with another switcher offer for customers, in an effort to move them over to postpaid accounts at Koodo. This promo targets customers on the coveted $120/12GB plan over 90 days.

The offer says Public Mobile customers can get the following:

  • $40 monthly plan
  • 6GB data
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • One-time $100 bill credit

Here’s the full text of the message:

Public Mobile here. Con: A deal this good won’t last too long. Pro: 6GB for $40. That’s right, an extra 2GB! We’re all about giving you choice, so if you’re craving more data for the same price, join Koodo by March 15. Get 6GB of data, unlimited text and unlimited Canada-wide minutes for $40/month plus you may qualify for a $0 phone with the Koodo Tab. And get a one-time $100 bill credit! Offer valid for . Redeem at your nearest Koodo location or online at Show this msg and use promo code GOKOODO406GB to redeem along with 2 pieces of ID. Your phone number is your validation code. You’re included on the list for Public Mobile offers and deals. To be excluded, reply unsubscribe. Conditions apply.

Koodo promo

Right now, Koodo also has an offer where referrals can get a $100 bill credit, up from $50. The company also recently increased some voice plans by $5 per month and also eliminated Canada-wide calling minutes as well.

Recently, Public Mobile wanted to get customers on $120/12GB plans to move to Koodo by offering a $40/5GB plan, and its $120/6GB customers to switch to a $45/4GB plan.

Did you get this Public Mobile offer today? Are you going to make the switch?

Thanks Verge!


  • iverge

    Welcome 😉

    I’m still not gonna switch as my plan is $102 (with rewards) I don’t call outside province nor do I go over 12GB.

  • yahoo!
    Nice! yeah, no point in switching if you’re getting a great deal and not using a lot of data

  • Cjones

    I was able to switch to this deal. Current 5GB switchers might be able to get this deal as I did, but it takes some sweet talking.

    But if you are going to switch here’s a referral link:

  • warpdrive

    I’m definitely porting two lines over. I’ll likely do it Friday morn.
    Question about the referral thing?… I understand I need to have someone else give me a referral for the first line…. once that it activated, can I use that newly activated line as the referral for the second line I’ll be porting??

  • Cjones

    You are correct. See previous comment for referral link:

    And don’t forget the $100 referral bonus for switching online.

  • warpdrive


  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    No way, they will definitely make another shady move once you’ll be with Koodo.
    I’m switching my 2 numbers to Videotron on April 15th, with Canada-wide unlimited minutes, 4GB and Voice over Wifi for $50/month.

    I’ll never get back to Telus.

  • Cornfed710

    If you’re in Quebec you should’ve been with Videotron the whole time. Other people don’t have that luxury.

  • aRhyno

    Grr… I got the text. So tempting. Got my bill down to 31$ A month with PM but at this point there’s no guarantees on either side… what to do

  • 3Stacks

    This promo is trending to be 10gb for $40 soon ?? Took advantage of WowMobile iPhone 6 with this promo today

  • Andrewtdot

    Get $100 now for referral, use this link if you need it:

  • Vincent Chan

    Got mine’s done at London Drugs. Since today is the first day of the offer, she didn’t know about the promo so be ready to show the text message… and have your PM account # ready! if you need referral link:

  • My 1/2 cents

    Nobody I know got the text message

  • My 1/2 cents

    Nope. Dream on. Good luck with your 6. Watch it be really slow come next iOS update

  • MrXax

    Got the text, and I’ll probably switch. Of course, I fully expect them to jack up the price or some other bullshit a year from now, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

  • robbie_andy

    Anybody know why it’s showing only 50$ and March 1st when I click on one of your referral codes?

  • StarTurtle

    It’s tempting but mostly concerned that for those who don’t migrate they’ll offer an even sweeter deal a month from now. Wish someone had some inside knowledge

  • Raul Companioni

    I can confirm, I switched when it was the 4GB promo and wouldn’t let me do the 5GB because I didn’t get the text message, but I call this morning, and with virtually almost no effort got them to upgrade my plan and my wife’s to the 6GB plan.

  • instagram- koodopromoz

    If you need a referral, check out my instagram koodopromoz

  • warpdrive

    How the hell do you do this port online???
    Everyone I try it asks me for my Koodo account number….. which I don’t have as I’m trying to create an account!!!

  • warpdrive

    I’m trying to sign up as a postpaid customer….. should I be trying as a pre-paid??????

  • warpdrive

    Figured it out. You have to buy the sim from Koodo online to take advantage of the deal. I bought sims at Walmart and it wouldn’t let me do anything. I’ll just return them tomorrow. Hehe

  • warpdrive

    I just gave your link to a buddy to use as my account (which we were going to use) is in limbo. Lol

  • Brian

    Thanks warpdrive 🙂

  • Charles

    Even though you had already switched? What did you say?

  • Raul Companioni

    I just said that I had recently switch to Koodo under the 4GB promo from Public Mobile, and now I’m seeing that they are offering 6GB and that is being honour to people that call in and I would like to get my account upgraded to the 6GB plan also. He said he would have to check to see if he could do it, then less than 2 mins on hold he had it done.

  • Arman

    I have the same problem! This is so dumb.. and if you skip that step, next time you try to login it tells you this:

    “You’re still waiting to be approved.
    Looks like this account has already been linked to another email address. You’re still waiting for permission from the owner of that email address. We’ll email you once you’re approved.”

  • warpdrive

    Yep….. you have to click the link in the text you were sent. When you get to the Koodo page you have to buy the sim from them in order to use the promo code they sent you. Friggin dumb…..

  • Arman

    When i logged in before it kept showing error and wouldn’t let me do anything. I eventually just selected a random plan on their site and applied the promo code and it magically showed “a secret plan” 6GB/$40, from there I was able to register and get it done with my PM number. What a terrible site they have!

  • warpdrive

    Lol. I returned the Sims to Walmart yesterday. (Had to have a little chat with the manager to get the refund) I’m hoping to hear something soon from Koodo on the first sim I ordered. I’d like to use the referral on the first account for the second. If I can’t before Thursday I’ll just have to get another referral from someone in the forums here.

  • warpdrive

    And if they are backlogged… I guess that means our PM accounts we prepaid for last us longer.

  • Arman

    Yes, they won’t let you activate your account before the promotion ends to prevent you from sending your referral code to others I guess. I have 3 people around that I could send my referral code to but I am tired of swearing, gave up lol

  • warpdrive

    Buggers. Lol

  • Arman

    True, did you also request to move the phone number to Koodo, not sure when that takes effect!

  • warpdrive

    Yes I did the number port. The PM line stays active until the SIM card arives and I activate it. Not sure how long it will take to arrive, or if there’s a time limit to activate it. Or if the Koodo billing takes effect when I activate the sim or the day I ordered it. So many questions….

  • warpdrive

    If there’s no time limit a guy could activate it a few days before the PM line wants to auto pay.

  • Navie

    Ill buy your validation code if you don’t wanna switch 🙂

  • warpdrive

    Can anyone confirm if there is any type of voicemail included with the Koodo plan??