Telus Promo: $60 Plan with 10GB Data Launches Dec. 16 for BC, Alberta, Ontario [u]


Well we all expected this was coming, right? Telus has announced to employees it will be matching the Rogers/Fido $60 BYOD plan with 10GB data, starting Saturday, December 16, 2017.

According to an internal memo shared to RFD, it reads “Telus will be matching this offer as of tomorrow, Dec. 16.”

Telus $60 byod

Today, Telus’ flanker brand Koodo and Bell launched similar $60/10GB BYOD promos to match Rogers and Fido. The difference? The 10GB data with Koodo is permanent, unlike Rogers/Fido/Bell/Virgin which expires after 24 months. Koodo has also extended the promo to Ontario, unlike its rivals.

The plans offer unlimited Canada-wide calling and text, only available in BC and Alberta, as out west is where Shaw’s Freedom Mobile and its new LTE network appears to be waking up incumbents, especially now that the latter sells the iPhone.

Let us know if you plan to be switching to any of these BYOD $60/10GB plans.

Update Dec. 16: Plan is also available in Ontario and data is permanent.

Update Dec. 18: Telus says $60/10GB plans expire Dec. 19, for both Telus and Koodo users in BC, Alberta and Ontario.


  • warpdrive

    Can I call at 12:01… lol

  • MikeJenkinson

    Wait … so the Telus promo for 10 GB for $60 is only good for 24 months? Or is it a permanent deal that you could stay on forever if you wanted?

  • VanRes

    Can this be a share plan or is it single-line only? My wife and I are with Rogers now but use Telus for phone/internet/tv. And any idea if this is eligible for the corporate discount (30% discount from public service)?

  • RogueR

    Nope and I just left Telus not long ago. Sticking with Freedom, just under $50 taxes in and have 12gb of data and unlimited calls and text.

    Ain’t going back to the big 3 anytime soon, no need

  • cayaguy

    RFD has removed all forums on the subject of $60 10gb for all carriers. Does this mean it’s over already?

  • khiladi420

    It’s not over. Some flyer (images) i seen on same topic (different article from iPhoneincanada) states the offer expires on the 19th dec.

  • Weird, haven’t checked lately but will monitor

  • warpdrive

    If it’s not permanent, it’s a dealbreaker….

  • We’ll have to wait to see if Telus is matching the 24 months expiry or if it’s permanent. From what we know, Koodo only seems to be the one with permanent 10GB data.

  • Can someone provide a link?

  • TimeLordX

    RFD has not removed them; RFD mods created a humongous cluster-f#%k merger thread, just to realize what BS they’ve done, and locked that thread.

  • cayaguy

    Link? It’s showing me ‘link has been removed*

  • TimeLordX

    While my post with the link is waiting for the approval, try the following – replace the old thread URL with this one:


  • TimeLordX

    And here’s the new Bell/Rogers/Telus 60/10GB thread:


  • khiladi420

    I was on the phone with Bell and according to the rep, it was permanent. Just in case though, I took her rep ID so that if in 24 months it cuts down to 5GB i can call back and be like “urhm urhm you owe 5 GB” lol.

  • warpdrive

    Just got off the phone with Telus loyalty. She said she was fairly certain the promo launching tomorrow would match Rogers and the 10gb data would drop to 5gb after two years, but she did say to call back tomorrow for absolute certainty… The really bad news in my case is that the $60 for 10gb plan with Telus will not support the Apple Watch… you have to add it to a share plan. She actually went and checked with supervisors. Booooooooop TELUS. I wonder if Bell is the same……

  • Klea

    Oh come on! What is about Ontario? We have the worst plans here

  • Ankur Goel

    yup bell is the same

  • network101

    just get Freedom and @!$! the incumbent carriers that have been raping you with some of the world’s most expensive cell service for years.

  • warpdrive

    Darn it…. I guess the only carrier worth going on the with is Koodo since it seams the 10gb doesn’t expire after 2years.

  • My 1/2 cents

    The threads on these promos are blowing up on RFD…and the trolls are having the time of their lives. Seems because the mods screwed up and merged the threads, they’re now afraid to do any moderating there.

  • artikas

    Virgin matched it for me over the phone with no expiry (existing customer)

  • 3Stacks

    Koodo, Virgin, Fido and Telus will all have it Saturday in Ontario. No need to suffer on Freedom while they expand

  • Samano

    Don’t sell freedom mobile so short . We should applaud them they were the trend setters they rescue us from those ridiculous prices .

  • My 1/2 cents

    Just an update. It was a shocker when I found out today. Telus charges around $20, 25 for a SIM card while Bell doesn’t.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Glad to hear Freedom is working out for you. Unfortunately, for many others, their coverage and LTE speeds are abysmal.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Nope…no share plan.

  • My 1/2 cents

    You forgot to update your comment…it’s not 5+5. I’d suggest editing the entire previous blog as some people might miss the “Update” you posted.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I think it will 10 GB. Rogers/Fido are the only ones who sticking with 5+5 AFAIK.
    While the $10 might remain “permanent”, the rate will not.

  • Jas Rai

    UPDATE: Rogers has also matched the plan for Ontario residents !!! I just switched over and I live in the GTA.

    Only valid until Dec. 18

    Direct line to Rogers Conceirge to switch: ?1 (844) 556-8643?

  • Porter

    The Bell promo doesn’t expire. The 10gb is permanent

  • warpdrive

    Anyone get the plan with TELUS yet….. 2ys, or forever?

  • Valentin Badea

    But with spotty coverage outside the GTA, and data slower then molasses. No thanks.

  • warpdrive

    Hey Gary, have you gotten any word if the TELUS plan is for sure 10gb after 2 years?

  • This plan is now available in Ontario and data is permanent according to users on RFD, the Big 3 now all have matching offers in AB, BC, ON

  • Joe

    Big news as of right now personal hot spot does not work for this plan on Apple devices.

  • Nicole Kim

    works fine with me lol dont spread wrong info joe

  • Brandon

    Any one know if it has to be BYOD? I just started a 2 year contract with them… should’ve waited.

  • warpdrive

    Ps- got the Telus plan fired up and it does allow for Apple watch cellular connectivity. The watch gets 1gb and the phone gets 10gb. Can’t share the data between the two. In case anyone is wondering.

  • sam

    after 2 years is it still 60$ for 10 gigs of data or does it go down to 5 gigs of data for 60$?

  • Pauline Chan

    Yes, 10GB is forever. I called earlier to switch my current plan and confirmed.

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Yup, can confirm what @warpdrive:disqus said about the Apple Watch LTE; the notion of “shared” data is ridiculous as Bell/Telus could easily enable Watch support on any plan should they choose to.

    Otherwise, just tell the phone rep that you were instructed by store staff to ask for the plan as an existing customer as they are unable to process it in store and you’ll get switched over.

  • Ange

    Cannot find the Telus promo on their website??

  • warpdrive

    Got the 10gb plan and I tried to fire the cellular up anyways from the Watch app…. and it worked. Just not sharable between the two devices. iPhone gets 10gb, Watch gets 1gb. On TELUS that is, not sure how it would work on other carriers…..

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Did you already have LTE enabled for your watch prior to switching over?

  • warpdrive

    Nope. Was with public Mobile for the last year and a bit.

  • badboyshan

    So this plan is available thru Telus in Ontario ?

  • Pauloh

    I just got through to Telus and the $60 plan is still available.

  • TheLostVancouverite

    So you were able to add the Apple Watch plan to the new 10GB plan, just without shared data? The rep said it couldn’t be added if I changed my plan; I’ll try asking again!

  • warpdrive

    That’s correct. I just went into the Watch app and turned on cellular. It then takes you to a TELUS page where you set it up and agree to the service. It takes a few minutes to activate on the watch after that. I then went to my TELUS account page and all looks well. I was a little scared when I saw the watch account charge was $30, but then realized they nailed me with a $20 activation fee. It’s $10/month after the first month. Would be nice if you got a few months for free like bell offers, but I don’t think this would even be possible on bell as you need to share from your phones data, at least with Telus the watch plan comes with 1gb.

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Interesting; so enabling AW-LTE doesn’t require rep intervention. Previously, when I asked about it, I thought they had said there was a 3 months free to start with? Maybe I’ll try enabling on my existing plan and then switch over and hope for the best!

  • warpdrive

    I do see on the Telus Apple Watch page, “Bonus: Get the first 3 months of your Apple Watch plan on us5”….. so I guess it’s only for those who get the watch from Telus, or I’ll see a $10 discount for 3 months. Time will tell.

  • Susan Kusnir

    I’m wondering the same thing.

  • Nichola P

    This plan you sent a link to doesn’t even have data so definitely not the right link. Currently Telus is only providing this deal if you switch to their lower quality provider Koodo

  • julia

    I’m sorry i just realized i sent the wrong one 🙁

  • Nichola P

    If you are already on a contact with them or you get a new device you can get the same plan but for $85

  • julia

    Does the deal still work for $60/month with 10 gbs at Telus? If so. How long till its over?

  • warpdrive

    Tuesday is the last day.

  • julia

    oh my godness thank u! :))

  • warpdrive

    Get it before it’s gone!

  • julia

    Im gonna try! Thank you so much!!!

  • Baddowman

    Has anyone had any luck getting tethering to work once they have switched to the 10gig plan. Get get mine to work. I’m with telus.

  • warpdrive

    No worries…… the lines are likely still slammed. If you can’t get through tonight, try at 9am tomorrow…. ??

  • julia

    Oh my gosh you are right! I tried to talk with one of the agents online and apparently i was like 191st person in line!

  • warpdrive

    Lol. Yep. I know people that have been trying for 2 days to get through. I got lucky when I callled and they offered me a callback so I didn’t have to wait on hold….

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Agent confirmed that while the deal is a 3-day promo, the plan is permanent until you switch plans (new contract, etc.)

  • Matthew Paugh

    can anyone confirm in BC that the rogers 10gb does not expire after 2 years? looking to switch from telus if they won’t match

  • karinatwork

    Can’t get through.

  • Potzie2

    Can anyone confirm the comment below about if you are mid-term you can have the plan for $85/month? I am currently 1,147 in line for online chat. I think I’m going to be a while. My wife and I still have a device balance, my kids are on BYOD plans.

  • Anaron

    I was charged $10+tax for a Telus SIM card at Best Buy.

  • ????? ??????

    Yesterday I got Telus Plan, but it is no service signal in my mobile as of today. So frustrating ???

  • ????? ??????

    Also, Telus rep in store could not provide Apple Watch service to my own service 3 Watch. It’s so annoying and weird!!!