What’s Cheaper? Unlocked iPhone 6 Prices vs Contracts Compared


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Earlier this year we wrote an article comparing unlocked iPhone prices versus those on a carrier subsidized 2-year contract.

With Apple raising unlocked prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and even contract device prices, it’s time to revisit our post and update the numbers. What’s a better deal? Buying an iPhone 6 unlocked from Apple or signing a 2-year contract with Rogers, Telus, Bell, MTS or SaskTel?

Of course, the following scenarios have numerous variables—so your situation may vary. But if you replace our numbers with yours, you should be able to determine what works best for you.

Also, do note we’re making calculations based on our location in BC (and should apply everywhere except provinces with regional carriers), but we know those in SK, MB and QC can get better deals (we’re moving to your location soon).

Let’s take our own situation right now and calculate the numbers. Currently we are on Fido’s $56 Smart Plan offered a couple years ago with unlimited Canada-wide calling and 2GB of data ($10/GB overages).

My Scenario 1: Buying a subsidized iPhone 6 Plus from Fido on a 2-year contract, Tab24 Agreement, Max Plan

My monthly plan doesn’t meet Fido’s $60 minimum monthly requirement for grandfathered plans to upgrade to iPhone 6—so that means I’ll have to jump to a current ‘in-market’ Max Plan, starting at $80/mo with 500MB data, lowering my current bucket by 1.5GB, while paying $24 more in the process (!) if I wanted 2GB.

  • Fido 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $485
  • $80 Max Plan with 500MB x 24 months ($10/500MB overages): $1920
  • Data overages to meet our 2GB requirement: $30 x 24 = $720
  • Hardware upgrade fee: $25
  • Unlocking fee: $50

Total cost: $3200 + tax or $133.33 per month

  • Fido 64GB iPhone 6: $375
  • $80 Max Plan with 500MB x 24 months ($10/500MB overages): $1920
  • Data overages to meet our 2GB requirement: $30 x 24 = $720
  • Hardware upgrade fee: $25
  • Unlocking fee: $50

Total cost: $3090 + tax or $128.75 per month

My Scenario 2: Buying an unlocked iPhone 6 from Apple

  • Unlocked 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $959
  • $56 Smart Plan with unlimited Canada-wide minutes, 2GB data ($10/1GB overages): $56 x 24 months = $1344

Total cost: $2303 + tax or $95.96 per month; savings from buying unlocked: $897

  • Unlocked 64GB iPhone 6: $859
  • $56 Smart Plan with unlimited Canada-wide minutes, 2GB data ($10/1GB overages): $56 x 24 months = $1344

Total cost: $2203 + tax or $91.79 per month; savings from buying unlocked: $887

Fido says I won’t be able to get an additional 10% off for BYOD with my old plan because it’s not an ‘in-market’ Standard Plan.

Of course, my scenario will be different from yours, but you can just replace my numbers with yours to figure out your details.

As you can see, the unlocked savings in my scenario of either $897 and $997 works out close to a ‘free’ iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Calculating Unlocked iPhone 6 vs Current 2-Year Plans for New or Existing Customers

Let’s do some math with new iPhone 6 contracts or hardware upgrades…

Scenario 1: Upgrading with a 2-year iPhone 6 contract with Rogers, Telus or Bell

Let’s just use the example of the 64GB iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which according to our unscientific poll are current popular choices. Carrier pricing on these models only differ by $5 or so, so modify these calculations as need be.

  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $485
  • $80/month plan with 500MB (requirement): $80 x 24 months = $1920
  • New ‘connection charge’ fees: Rogers ($15); Fido ($0); Telus ($0), Bell ($15 promo)
  • Hardware upgrade fee: Rogers/Fido: $25; Telus: $0; Bell: $15 (promo)
  • Unlocking fee: Rogers/Fido ($50); Telus/Koodo ($35); Bell/Virgin ($50)

Total cost for upgrade (for new, add the connection charge): Rogers ($2480); Telus ($2440); Bell ($2470) + tax

  • 64GB iPhone 6: $375
  • $80/month plan with 500MB (requirement for 2-year terms): $80 x 24 months = $1920
  • New ‘connection charge’ fees: Rogers ($15); Fido ($0); Telus ($0), Bell ($15 promo)
  • Hardware upgrade fee: Rogers/Fido: $25; Telus: $0; Bell: $15 (promo)
  • Unlocking fee: Rogers/Fido ($50); Telus/Koodo ($35); Bell/Virgin ($50)

Total cost for upgrade (for new, add the connection charge): Rogers ($2370); Telus ($2330); Bell ($2360) + tax

Screenshot 2014 09 15 16 36 54

Scenario 2: Same as above but going month-to-month with an unlocked iPhone 6 on Rogers (with equivalent voice and 500MB plan) as a new user

In this scenario, you can choose Rogers, Telus or Bell plans to make these calculations. Let’s go with Rogers here as an example…

  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $959
  • $70/month plan with 500MB ($15/300MB overages) x 24 months = $1680
  • 10% off for BYOD: $7 x 24 = -$168 in savings
  • New ‘connection charge’: $15

Total cost: $2486 (includes connection charge) + tax; savings vs contract: none–$6 more on Rogers. But on Telus, you save $9 since there’s no connection charge.

  • 64GB iPhone 6: $749
  • $70/month plan with 500MB ($15/300MB overages) x 24 months = $1680
  • 10% off for BYOD: $7 x 24 = -$168 in savings
  • New ‘connection charge’: $15

Total cost: $2276 (includes connection charge) + tax; savings vs contract: $94

Depending on your plan, going month-to-month unlocked might cost a few bucks more. But that’s the price of being ‘free’, getting the iPhone 6 on launch day (if you’re lucky and pre-ordered) and keeping your sanity by not having to deal with your carrier.

Scenario 3: Buying unlocked but going with the ‘cheapest’ possible plan with 500MB data, month-to-month (Fido)

In this scenario, we go with Fido for a plan with 500MB of data, but only 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes but 5PM evenings, a plan suitable for light users that are always within Wi-Fi range.

  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus: $959
  • $45/month plan with 500MB: $45 x 24 = $1080
  • 10% off for BYOD: $4.50 x 24 = $108 in savings
  • New ‘connection’ charge: $0 from Fido

Total cost: $1931 + tax; works out to $80/month.

So as you can see, savings come with unlocked iPhone models used with cheaper monthly price plans thanks to BYOD discounts, or as a way to hold onto your legacy or grandfathered plan.

Fido is allowing grandfathered plans (i.e. $30/6GB data plans) that have a minimum $60/month (voice + data excluding add-ons) qualify for iPhone 6 upgrades on contract. Essentially any Max Plan with a $60 minimum qualifies.

Rogers and Bell on the other hand, are pushing existing and new users onto $80/month plans for iPhone 6 upgrades.

The bottom line: buying an unlocked iPhone can save you money in the long run but requires a higher cost up front. This post isn’t an end-all solution to every scenario, so do the math carefully and make a wise decision based on your situation.

For those starting out on new iPhone 6 contracts, we will soon be posting a comparison chart of Rogers, Telus and Bell prices with specific 2GB and 4GB shareable plans, which will show you the best carrier to jump on for new contracts. Stay tuned!

What’s the game plan for your iPhone 6 upgrade?

Update: If you’re using an unlocked iPhone on WIND Mobile or Mobilicity…your savings are even greater, but that comes at the cost of network coverage, depending on your location.


  • Thanks for updating this article. Really useful.

  • Gary,

    Don’t forget that user like myself using Wind with 5S before and will be using 6+ on Wind starting this Friday! There will be a lot more savings! Currently, I am on their old $30 plan. Unlimited talk and 5GB data before slowing down.

  • Cheers!

  • Yes, good point, thanks!

  • Any rumblings of Promo plans? Used to be offered around time of iPhone upgrades.

  • I’d suspect they’d would appear around Christmas and not at launch.

  • Jason C

    Dan where do you live? I don’t think Wind is available in BC.

  • Brad

    Telus letting me keep my $75 6gb plan makes it an easy decision to go contract for me.

  • Jesse

    They won’t give you 10% of your $56 smart plan? That’s weird.. I had 10% off on mine before I left Fido for an even better/cheaper plan. My parents and my 2 siblings still have that same plan with Fido though with the 10%. But I guess it might be because we had it added earlier?

  • Dan, Do you feel like your phone drains battery faster using Wind ? I’m not very sure but I have a feeling that my phone battery drains faster after switching to Wind. Is it because they don’t have that much reception and phone is always searching for ? Anyone, any comments ?

  • Tony G

    Isn’t a 64 GB iPhone 6 unlocked $859 and not $749?

  • Whoops, you’re right. Updated.

  • Thank you so much for refreshing your original article. This is very helpful and I will bookmark it. But, I did the “numbers substitution” thing a few days ago and the difference in cost is negligible. Plus, I have one more year left in my iPhone 5 contract which, by the way, I could have traded in for $140. It still would have left me with a -$53.00 deficit. I am holding out for the IWatch and/or Apple gift certificates for my birthday and Christmas. ????

  • Darn. I currently have a Promo 6GB TELUS plan —its a good deal. Upgrading to iPhone 6 Friday at Apple Store. Hope I can keep existing plan.

  • Steve

    No way I’m letting go of my $60 6GB super plan with Rogers. The equivalent plan with 6gb of data is now $120. I went the unlocked route. Sucks upfront but worth it in the long run.

  • Elaine Leung

    I’ve always told people buying a phone outright is way cheaper than signing it with a contract or renewing it. You basically will take 2 years to “finance” the phone.

  • ipostic

    Also, we should keep in mind what happens after 2 years. Once your Tab (contract) is over – you are still stuck either on that same plan or maybe can downgrade to something lower but will never return to your existing $56 plan. I doubt the plans are going to be cheaper in 2 years if current hikes are any indication.

  • I don’t use enough the big three to comment on this. But for me, the battery seems fine and it is not draining as bad as it is in your case.

  • I live the GTA. WIND is available in Vancouver.

  • Jason C

    Thanks, I’ll check them out.

  • As the CEO of Wind has stated, about 35K of iPhones are being used on their network, I am sure that this number will grow even more with the latest addition from Apple. That is about 5% of Wind users using the iPhone. Looking forward to the Great savings I will have.

    A lot of people will argue that using a high end phone like the iPhone on such low end network is not letting the iPhone to achieve it potential, I would argue that protecting my wallet is the highest priority

  • BB BB

    Wow last year the minimum was a $60 spend. Talk about a Carrier Tax just for wanting and buying new phone!

  • GS

    I noticed my Nexus 4 draining on Wind, as well as my iPhone 5s draining while on T-Mobile 2G. Poor reception and slow data speeds definitely contribute to battery drain. Sending a picture message on Wind would take a few percent off my battery because the data was so slow that it took a few minutes for the phone to even attempt to send the message (it usually resulted in an error, anyway). Slow data speeds cause your phone to spend more time checking for emails, receiving notifications, etc. Not sure if Wind has gotten much better since early 2013 when I switched away, but T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and LTE networks are much better on battery than EDGE.

  • bighatch

    I have a 5 phones from Bell and they all have $55 plan and 1 has a 7gb data share added on. So when I upgrade I am paying $369 + tax for 64gb iPhone 6 and my plan goes to $60/month but I don’t have to get data because it comes from the 7gb which is on a different line. So for me it’s (369.95 x 1.13) + ((24 x 5) x 1.13) + 15 = approx 23.66/month above what I’m paying now

  • Oliver

    I called Wind in Toronto and they said iPhone 6 not working with their network?

  • T33BS

    Same situation as you and it looks like you’re right:

    iPhone 6+ 64GB on Contract @ $75/month: $485 + $1800 = $2285 or $95.20/month.

    iPhone 6+ 64GB Unlocked @ $75/month: $959 + $1800 = $2759 or $114.95/month.

    Savings of $474 over 24 months; or $19.75/month.


    There are some variables to consider, such as your current remaining device balance that will be billed on your next Telus bill when you sign up for a new contract. I have 12-months of device balance left @ $187.79:

    iPhone 6+ 64GB on Contract @ $75/month: $485 + $1800 + $187.79 = $2472.79 or $103.03/month.

    Tacking the remaining device balance onto the new Contract now lowers my savings from $474 to $286.06; or $11.92/month.

    *It could be argued that the remaining device balance should not be a part of the equation.

    I could only justify buying an unlocked iPhone 6+ if I could find (or already had) a monthly rate of approx. $55-$65 that met my needs. And then there’s other variables such as 10% BYOD discount, IF you can even find that new rate you’re hoping for; it could come in the next few months, or the rates may never be as good as you currently have. yadda, yadda, yadda, – I actually like my chances going Unlocked, as dumb as it sounds. Big time gamble.

  • I work for one of the big carriers.. There’s no plan for a promo plan.. And to be honest, I don’t think you’ll ever see the 6gb plan again sadly..

  • North American GSM model is 6+ is A1524.

    According to this spec page, it has the UMTS 1700/2100 3G band, which Wind uses.

    Take a look at this regional iPhone model variation from Apple.

  • Dude_chillin

    You forgot to do the time value of money calculation in your math. You should still see savings in the long run off contract.

  • tomm

    Gary, I do’t understand your statement:”Fido says I won’t be able to get an additional 10% off for BYOD with my old plan because it’s not an ‘in-market’ Standard Plan”.
    If I have the 10% discount now with 5S and if I get unlocked 6 from Apple, I just put my nano sim card into the 6 and that’s it, Fido does not even come into the picture, no? They actually told me when I got the discount at least a year ago that as long as I keep buying unlocked phones from Apple, I can keep the discount and I am fully expecting to hold them to it. Can you comment on this? Thanks.

  • eason

    seriously, i don’t get it?!?!?! why freaking $80 plan only have 500mb data?!?!?!

  • Joe

    I’ve decided to stick with Fido for two more years
    375$ + HST – 150$ Fido $ = 273.75$ subsidized iPhone 6

    25$ unlimited incoming calls plan
    5$ 2,500 SMS
    11$ VVM value pack

    – 200 weekday minutes (7am to 5pm for 6 months as a loyalty gift) > 8am to 7pm
    – 1,000 Outgoing Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 7pm)
    – Unlimited incoming calls
    – Call Display – Expanded Network – Call Waiting – Conference Call

    85.88$ x 24 = 2061,12$ + 273.75
    Two years with Fido + subsidized iPhone 6
    = 2,334.87$

    with that said the VVM value pack can always be lower to 6$ to minimize the cost

  • It’s because my standard plan when it was introduced two years ago doesn’t qualify for BYOD. But current plans do.

  • BeaveVillage

    I’ve decided getting a new phone is better when you DON’T look at the contract totals after a few years in. 🙂

  • aftoy

    VirginMobile user in Sask. Upgrading to iPhone6 + $374.99 on 2 yr plan. $55 a month, unlimited voice/txt, 1GB data – 2yr cost $1632. If I buy unlocked $859 and 10% off my $55 plan=$1998 2yrs. In Sask it makes no sense to buy unlocked.
    $374.99 on 2yr plan $60/unlimited voice/txt, 5GB data=$1746. Unlocked $859 + 10% discount=$55 unlimited voice/txt, 5GB=$2112

    Is my math correct??

  • uln

    depends on which rep you talk to though, Your core plan price is technically 55 and the rest are considered addons. you might not get it….

  • uln

    If you get an iPhone on the cheapest 45 dollar plan, you probably get about 150 discount on the phone. That works out to be 4.5×24 + 50 unlock opportunity cost, losing the 10% monthly discount and paying for unlock. generally you can get about 25 credit as a new customer, which is 22 before taxes. total cost would be about 135. So it is kinda worth it to get it on a plan……

  • uln

    Fido is really really reluctant to give any discount for iPhone users.

  • Bruce

    If you buy your new iPhone 6 outright, can you keep your existing plan?

  • Tim M

    well, with only 3 companies that cover the country, they rarely, if at all, try to compete with each other. And the Canadian government really doesn’t care.

  • AEdouard

    You can’t get any subsidy with cheap plans anymore (on launch anyway) with any of the big carriers.

  • Steve

    Yes, I pre-ordered mine direct from Apple. Just switch the SIM card and away you go!

  • AEdouard

    If you do want a big contract with a lot of data, the benefit is much less clear.

  • Tim M

    another benefit to buying the phone unlocked is that you can go prepaid or have a voice-only plan and just use wifi. you don’t need that overpriced data plan.

  • AEdouard

    Yes, they have no idea you’re on what phone if you use an unlocked device.

  • AEdouard

    Yeah. I have a $70 Fido 6GB plan (the one they came up with to compete with Videotron in QC last winter). I want my 6GB and in my case going on contract is cheaper.

  • jordan S

    Me, my mom and my Sister are paying $80 each for the Bell family share plan and we get Unlimited text and talk Canada wide and with caller I.D and voice mail and 6GB of shared data. My mom and sister hardly every use more then 1GB each so I usually get around 4GB to my self 🙂 And I have the iPhone 6+ 64GB on preorder for $479.95. This is the best deal for me so I am pretty happy. And also bell is the only carrier with LTE that i can get in my house.

  • tomm

    Has it already been 2 years? I also have the $56 plan, it was $57, than they reduced it by $1 to 56 and than they offered me the 10% loyalty discount so now I pay $50+tax. They also assured me that I would only loose the $5.60 discount if I got a subsidized phone and as long as I will always buy the full price phone from Apple and don’t have any contract, I could upgrade as often as I want and always get that price. It makes sense because it does not cost them anything, since I buy it from Apple. So if I get iPhone 6, I can just switch the sim cards and won’t even bother with them. And if they’d start harassing me, I would explain what I was told and if they don’t respect it, I’d be gone.

  • Yeah it’ll be two years this fall! Crazy.

    What I was told was based on one phone call with a rep. I am sure if I call back again (or three times), I can probably swing something. For me, I signed a two year contract with the $56 plan, got a $0 Android phone and sold it BNIB, unlocked (even got $150 worth of GC from Future Shop). That helped subsidize partial costs of my most recent iPhone upgrades. Once my contract is up again this fall, I’ll either got M2M or do the same again.

  • tomm

    Now it’s making more sense, I remember also being told that I would loose the 10% discount if I would buy a subsidized iPhone from them with a contract, so since I don’t have any contract and am free to go anytime, they are trying to keep me with this 10% discount.

  • Yeah, once I get off contract I am sure I will be able to leverage my month-to-month status. I mean, even at 10% off for 24 months, that works out to $134.40. Selling a $0 Android phone (I am going to keep an eye out for a decent one discounted to $0 on sale) BNIB and with an unlock code off eBay will net around $200-300 depending on the model, so it’s better that way.

    I’m pretty happy with the $56 plan for my needs. If I do need extra data, I just incur overages and treat it like a flex data plan. But for the majority my bills stay the same every month and I am no longer getting killed on voice overages prior to signing up to this plan.

  • tomm

    Android phone, wow, you would not catch me with one dead or alive. It reminds me of the windoze vs. Mac wars. The PeeCee winnies used to make fun of us Mac users back in 1984 because our brand spanking new 128K Mac had a mouse, they thought real men should type dos commands.

  • Haha…don’t worry, I didn’t use it, I just sold it.

  • Hosaka

    I’ve opted for the 2-year contract with Fido ($65 monthly grandfathered plan). This plan does include $35 / 6GB Internet Data. I’m also using my FidoDollars as well. The way I see it, I’m already paying $65 a month for cell service so I might as well be locked into it for two years. After agreement & FidoDollars, I end up paying $200 for the remaining balance on iPhone 6 128GB.

  • Exactly. You can go as low as you want with an unlocked device.

  • K.

    I’m grandfathered with the 30$/6 GB plan. Cheaper for me to go with subsidized rather than unlocked…
    But this article got me to think about it!

  • Prhermit

    Great comparisons and very informative. I’m buying the iPhone 6, 64 gb and staying with my unlimited nationwide calls and text , 2gb plan from Koodo.

  • Prhermit

    Got the Koodo plan at $56/month through your iPhone Canada promo.

  • Thanks!

  • Terran

    TELUS has the byod 40 plus data add on. They do not give you a %10 off just $20 off. For $70 you can get 2gb. Or $60 with 500mb.

  • JurassicMatt

    You’re math sounds about right. I’m in Manitoba where it’s similar due to the regional competition of MTS. For me it’s cheaper by ~300 in the long run to go subsidized, so that’s what I did.

  • northwestphone

    a new iphone 6/plus on the lowest of all networks is not worth it at all. I agree wallet is highest priority, but still you can’t compromise non-LTE, shoddy reception at very best and staggered streaming a youtube video. Just saying… Wind truly is budget.

  • I guess everyone is different as to what they need from cell service provider. For me, LTE is not that all important as all I really use the phone is for messaging and Facebook. But you do have a valid point.

  • Peter

    Thanks for the great article. The article just forgets about the time value of money. It assumes that $1000 today is equal in value to $1000 2 years later, which is wrong.

  • Zufelli

    I’m going to start calling you psychic Gary! I was literally just trying to figure this out with my Koodo $56/month plan for the iPhone 6 Plus. Thank you so much for this!! 🙂

  • Denis

    You work for bell rogers or telus????

  • GS

    You’d think, right? No. I only switched because I moved into a spotty coverage area. The slow data was definitely a cause of frustration during my eight months with Wind, but I was planning to stick it out because of the cheaper price. My brother’s line is still on Wind and I’ve moved back to Virgin ($50 6 GB Thunder Bay platinum plan). I definitely wouldn’t be willing to pay more than $50 a month to any carrier though.

  • david

    Hi guys.. just buy it from the store and put it with Wind mobile it cost 35 montly and u have everything unlimited !!! thats what im doing know and u save like 50% or more per month! thanks.

  • haha, you’re welcome 😀

  • You’re welcome.

    What would you suggest to add changes to factor in time value of money?

  • Lloyd Xmas

    These guys are getting crafty trying to end the grandfathered plans…

    I have a $50/m 5GB plan, with $7 add-on for call display. Naturally, I’m going to buy the phone outright so that I keep my existing plan. When I called Telus, I was told I could get -10% off the $50/m if I bring my own device.

    I called again this morning, and they said that only applies to plans over $60. They offered to waive the call display at $7 for 24 months, but then the add-on would disappear. It looks like I’m saving an extra $2/m, but then to re-add the service would cost much more after 24 months (I’m guessing at least $10/m).

    I said no and they eventually honoured the -10% off the base plan. Still a rip-off IMO.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    We’ll said this is why you don’t purchase phones through any of the carriers. It’s always cheaper to buy the phone outright. Like seriously? $80 for a max plan for the ability to get an iPhone? Why don’t you just keep the smart plan and add $100 more to the iPhone price? We’ll I asked and they (Fido) said they couldn’t do that. Gee I wonder why when you see the price break downs.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    No more promos because carriers feel they were forced on two year plans now.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    I read that Rogers was looking into charging $5 a month to the grandfathered ones with these 6GB plans.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Good argument because even though Rogers boasts 2600Mhz LTE it’s a low end scenario to only have 500MB to be able to use on it because the next 500MB costs $10.

  • It’s true for those going month to month.

  • Eddie

    Wow, I guess phone plans have been really volatile in the last while? We just started our family so I’ve been pretty disconnected from my brainpower. But this article read funny so I checked my last Rogers bill.

    My line is listed as $100 for the line and a 12GB sharable data allocation, and its just $35 for my wife’s line.

    This doesn’t seem to be on the same plane of existence as their current fee structure.

    (I notice in the current plans the BYOD fee for Smartphones is $50, regular phones is $35…how can they tell/what is the difference to the network provider?)

  • Tanya (@netchick)

    Y’know – I think that CRTC has really done a dis-service to mobile users everywhere when they gave the companies a reason to significantly increase prices per month, and take away the ability to negotiate. I really hope my grandfathered corp plan on Telus doesn’t have a contract end date like the new plans. That’s ridiculous.

  • john

    I’ve been with fudo for 10 years and because of my expensive plan I threatend to leave. I argued that as much as Fido has been good to me why should I stay and pay 3 times more than what I would pay at wind. They credited me 40 bucks on my Bill As well as gave me unlimited data (which companies say doesn’t exist allegedly) for the whole year. If you want deals keep calling until you find a “sucker” or maybe o should say “nice person”. My bill is now 50 dollars a month unlimited data unlimited picture text unlimited long distance canada wide but even with the credits I still pay more than I would with wind for the se services. Once my year ends for my credits and unlimited data ditching Fido for Greene pastures at wind

  • Chad Daniels

    Wind users can save even more by getting an Android phone on the Wind Tab, unlocking it, and selling it while it’s new to cover the cost of the iPhone

  • T_T ?

    Gary, hun. You’ve painted a very convoluted picture here with your comparisons. Not only is it very difficult to follow, let’s see some “Apple to Apple” comparisons here. Eg. Same device, same plan with a subsidized monthly rate vs the same device unlocked from Apple. I would like to see your numbers and scenarios in a spreadsheet format. Perhaps you have heard of Google Sheets?

  • T_T ?

    Be very careful.Rogers has been making “accidental” errors these days and removing people’s $30/6GB plans which are no longer offered. I imagine this is not just Rogers but other cellular companies too.

  • Let me know if you’d like to make my numbers pretty since you’re the Google Sheets guru 😉 email us

  • GregOZ

    From the financial point of view, nobody can prove that buying unlocked phone from Apple has any advantage. No matter how you calculate, after 2 years you are ahead of the game. Correct?

  • MetaMan

    As I remember a Rogers customer retention agent offered me a way to keep my old plan last time I upgraded. Later they caved and made it even simpler. The initial solution was order the new iPhone under a new cheap plan, transfer to the phone over to the old plan then cancel the new plan within the 30 day cancellation period. Technically the phone is still attached to a plan/contract so it still meets the criteria for a subsidy by bypasses the normal upgrade policy trying to get customers off Grandfathered plans. I really want to keep my 6G plan. Sharing sounds great (spousal cell, iPad, etc.), but not at these prices. Faster speed sounds great also but Rogers seems determined to make broadband wireless unrealistic. What good is 150 GB 4G and streaming if your data is used up in the 1st few days of your billing cycle. Well what good is it for the customer.

    RANT ON:

    Wireless carriers remain one of the highest gross margin industries in the Canadian market place (60%+, venture capital numbers) and will seemingly stop at nothing to gouge another pound of flesh out their customers. The industry runs circles around the CRTC which seem like hapless pawn in controlling these defacto “Cartels” running rampant in our country, meanwhile the Ottawa politico have their palms deep inside the industries lobby’s pocket with the tacit understanding that the status quo will be maintained at any cost. Telecommunications is a strategic technology critical for Canada’s competitiveness in the Global market place yet Ottawa doesn’t seem to follow through and the carriers don’t care, though they sure quick to whine with straw man arguments whenever some new attempt is made to regulate them towards competitiveness. The US has the NRA, Canada has the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association).


  • Depressed

    Just came back from the UK, bought a SIM card while I was there to use in my unlocked iPhone 5S. Cost me 15 pounds, so just under 30$ Canadian. Unlimited EU minutes/text. And unlimited EU data(not capped at 6 gigs).

    Now I’m depressed about my 65$ Telus 6 gig plan. Honestly with LTE I go through my 6 gigs in a month EASY.

  • By the way, I upgraded to iPhone 6 on launch day and was able to keep my Promo 6GB plan.

    When we were going through the contract set up, the option to ‘keep existing’ plan was there, but would give an error (likely because of the promo). The Apple rep that was helping with the purchase was super helpful and called TELUS directly to make sure I kept same plan. Took a bit longer but I got it done!

  • TC

    The best option for light data usage/light talk usage is BYOD from Koodo. The unlimited text plan is $15 a month (-10% for auto top-up). Then you add on 1GB data for $30 (doesn’t expire as long as account doesn’t go to zero) and $25 for 500 minutes (doesn’t expire). Assuming you use about 0.3GB per month and 100 minutes you are looking at $30 a month x 24 months = $720 + $750 for IP6 = $1460 or $61 per month.

  • Michelle

    Really? I talked to TELUS more than once before I bought my iPhone 6 and they were adamant that I give up my 6GB plan for one of their “new” plans. So, I bought unlocked to keep the plan ($65/mo 6GB data, unlimited text, $0.10 long distance, 100 talk minutes (I don’t use voice much), unlimited evenings and weekends and family/favourite numbers.) I think that unlocked will be worth it when travelling too, as I can pick up a travel plan with another company to save on TELUS’s ridiculous roaming fees and data charges.

  • Michelle

    Manitoba & Saskatchewan have much cheaper/better deals than those in other provinces. Alberta residents have to pay a lot more to get 1GB data and unlimited plans. This is because you have competition from MTS and Sasktel.

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  • My 1/2 cents

    I did the math. It is NOT cheaper to buy the device outright. I have a legacy corporate plan right now which is $56/mth including tax. Should I keep my existing legacy plan which includes 6GB of data plus unlimited evening and weekends, plus text messaging (not MMS). My total cost including tax over 2 years for the iphone 6 is $2184.

    Now, should I ditch my legacy plan which I would have to and go for the newer plan with the same features but with only 3 GB of data (not 6 GB) it would be an extra $10/month plus tax. Should I pick up the same iPhone 6 that’s being sold today (Xmas 2014) for $90 including tax on a two year renewal or new contract I would pay $481.20 more over the 24 months!.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I would disagree, I’d rather use a dumb phone on the Wind network then have a data plan. That’s protecting your wallet, now isn’t it?

    In two years, we will start seeing LTE on Wind, assuming the network is still around at that time.

  • My 1/2 cents

    nope. not in my case.

  • Riddlemethis

    seriously, who uses a measly 300 MB a month? I chew that up in two days,

  • bcresident7

    I live in BC. I have a Bell FAB10 plan with 6GB of Data per month for $75.00. I looked into the IPhone6 deal with Bell and it is crazy. First of all, they won’t let me keep my same plan. They want to replace it with a plan that is offers all the same stuff for $125/month on a 2 year plan. After doing the math, I figured out it would cost me $750 more over the 2 year contract to buy the discounted phone from Bell on the new plan. And then a further $50/month more for every month past the contract that I keep the phone and plan. This is ridiculous. I will be buying an unlocked phone and continue on the month to month contract. The CRTC put in the 2 year contract to help the consumer. It seems that it has hurt us, not helped us.

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  • Salinger

    Who will sell you a fully subsidized iPhone 6 in Canada on an in-market 3GB plan for $60/month plan?

  • StepheninrainyBC

    so, this is a discussion on who is the greediest provider? It cannot be a discussion about who is the biggest sucker, ’cause it is quite obvious the “Canadian Consumer” wins that one hands down. 😛

  • GSN

    Bro just buy unlocked phone at once rather be in contract which will cost you lot more for 2 years. However you want the phone so why do you want to pay more money to the telecom services? If you buy unlocked phone you are free to change the service and plan as well. Well, If you live near border just cross the border and buy in States which will save some money.

  • Rheal Giroux

    yes if you live and never leave a wind moblie area, once you leave that area of coverage you are pay as you go.

  • Javk

    Compare koodo 60$ plan and chk the price+ no contract just tab nd that can. He reduced by referal…