iPad Air Bursts Into Flames in Australian Vodafone Store


iPad air

For the first time since the introduction of the Apple tablet, an iPad Air device burst into flames and filled the store with smoke, the Daily Mail reports.

The incident took place in a Vodafone retail store in Canberra, Australia. Apparently, the flames appeared from the charging port of the exposed iPad Air device. No customers or staff members were injured during the incident, but it was enough to see firemen rushing into the store to put out the fire.

Apple introduced the iPad Air on October 22, and the device reached stores on November 1. While we have heard a couple of iPhone explosion stories, this is the very first case involving an iPad.

The iPhone explosion incidents were reportedly caused by the use of unauthorized third-party power adapters, which has prompted Apple to launch an international Takeback program. But in the iPad case, we can assume the store was using authorized adapters.

Apple representatives have visited the store and collected the iPad for testing, and will try to find the cause of the “explosion”.


  • erth

    secret added functionality…

  • marco

    self-destruct feature…

  • Wardooo

    That was an iFire.

  • K3

    It’s a new feature “built in” to iOS that happens only when you try to load Flash.
    The last thing you hear is Steves voice declaring ” #%*T heads “!

  • Chrome262

    triggering the new anti theft (self destruct mode). Or was it really a kindle Fire?

  • HelloCDN

    Hmm, I wonder if there is a problem.
    I have an Apple certified 3rd party cable, but after charging my new iPad Air, I’ve noticed that the Lightning contacts looked like they were burned a little.
    After that I’m charging only with an Apple cable…

  • K3

    ???? 😉 ???? app description-
    “new in our Holliday Yule Log for 2013, we have provided an experience so beleivable you’ll actually feel the warmth this year “

  • Al

    I don’t know… my “bullshit sensors” are through the roof on this one. So many things odd and contradictory in the story.

  • K3

    kinda like listening to yourself isn’t it.

  • Nick

    Wait… The Daily Mail is a tabloid. Some real stories, some made up. A lot of people don’t realize that. Do you have another source on this?