Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Recap: What You Need to Know [VIDEO] STICKY


It was quite the morning today, with Apple announcing their next generation iPhone 5, alongside new iPods and a version of iTunes. Here’s a roundup of our busy day and all the information you need to know in one place. Let’s get started!

Before the event:

During the iPhone 5 Event:

After the Event:

Awesome iPhone 5 event recap video in 2 Minutes by @meadorsmusings:

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  • Hmmm

    I see no mention of how much on board RAM the 5 will have? Nonetheless, this device is really just “meh”. It is just a very slight improvement over it’s predecessor, 4S. It’s really a shame since Apple used to be into innovation now they’re just into just doing things just for the sake of it. I wouldnt be surprised if the stock of Apple declines and in a few years, Apple will seriously have to reconsider their device architecture as long as people are satisfied with Samsung and Samsung steps up from their atrocious warranty support they provide to their customers.

  • I think it’s too early to judge before doing a hands-on. They made the screen larger, battery larger, but in a thinner and lighter design. How they were able to have decent battery life (better than the 4S) with LTE is pretty impressive.

  • Hmmm

    BTW, this webpage has too much white space and the underlined links are really hard on your eyes. Can you guys do something to clean it up and make it more accessible and appealing? Perhaps change the underlined links to coloured links instead. I have a color monitor not monochrome. lol

  • Hmmm

    0.5 inches larger? Ask a girl if she will notice if something is 0.5 inches bigger? lol. I think people should not even mention the puny screen size as it is pretty much insignificant and will only be used in trying to promote the device. I would not put all my bets the battery is going to be good or without issue. This is something only time will tell. But, I imagine it will be better than the 4S but I don’t think it’s impressive at all.

  • Cassy

    One of the things that attract me to iPhone is the size of the screen. I do not like manipulating Samsung’s phones, they feel too big and clumsy. I want a smartphone, not a tablet!

  • Rio

    Lol, what do people expect over here?
    -Faster Processor, LTE, Larger Screen, additional Microphone for better noise cancellation. slightly better cameras, better display, dual channel wi-fi. And all of this while making the phone thinner and lighter. What the fuck more do you wantÉ

  • FragilityG4

    I hate people like you … Nothing pleases you. You only look for things to complain about. Relax. Enjoy life. Trying smiling you might like it.

  • Jayshawn

    With preordering the iPhone 5, can I preorder online and do an instore pickup on the 21st?


  • Jayshawn

    Also does anyone have any experience with LTE in Toronto?

  • djepsilon

    I really don’t get this mentality… I agree with Gary, get your hands-on the device before you are so quick to judge.

    Everyone seems to be complaining that “oh, it’s just a spec update”… well I got news for you, we’ve been getting “spec updates” every year since the iPhone came out. And not just with Apple… the SII compared to the SIII? Spec update!

    When was the last REVOLUTIONARY cell phone release for any company?

  • swotam

    If you pre-order from Apple it’ll be delivered to you by UPS or FedEx. If you order from a carrier you can pick it up at the store you specify once you get the email saying its ready for pick-up.

  • David

    by the way why is that my comment doesn’t show up?? is that because I said I don’t like the new ugly iphone or what?? or its because I said i’m interested in Samsung galaxy note 2??
    I have the 4s and the ipad LTE, but I personally think this iphone is disappointing. very narrow and long, it just looks stupid. so hey MR “moderator” let see if I will see this comment. if not I can care less and I will never visit this site again.


  • If you include a link, disqus holds the comment for moderation, thinking its spam.

  • Acer12345

    Disappointing that Apple still hasn’t offered higher capacity models…100$ jump from 16 to 32 is a money grab.

  • Don

    While I do agree with people when they say really what more could have Apple done with the iPhone 5. Its sleeker and thinner, 2x faster processor and graphics, tiny bit better camera and sure it has a few more noise cancelling mics but the number one thing Apple doesn’t have is a nice OS at least IMO. I have owned the 1st gen iPod touch, iPhone 3gs and an iPhone 4, and just grew very tired of iOS. The phone and apps are great, but after the novelty wears off, its just a very boring phone, due to the “too simplistic” OS. I really wish Apple would revamp it and start letting developers make widgets, an app drawer to hide away apps that aren’t used everyday, live wallpapers etc. Apple’s lack of freedom and strict developer standards drove me away as a customer, I wonder how many other people out there are getting fed up with iOS? This is nothing against Apple as a company, I have nothing against them and still own several products from Apple, I just have a very big problem with iOS and that is that, take it as you will.