Purported iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Pictured Together for the First Time


We have already seen the rear shells of the iPhone 5C and 5S, and the rumour mill has spilled some other iPhone components over the past couple of months. But Sonny Dickson has contacted his sources within Apple’s supply chain and posted some great high-quality images of both the lower-end and high-end handset components.

iphone 5c 5s

This is the most extensive iPhone part leak so far, as it is broken down into screen, back housing, parts, and SIM tray. You’ll find many components in the gallery: ribbon cables and parts, casings, vibration motor, audio jack, front and rear camera, many already leaked components and even new ones.

Apple is expected to launch two handsets this fall alongside the redesigned iOS 7. There is still an open question, though, as to whether or not Apple will include the much-rumoured fingerprint sensor in its high-end handset and how consumers will react to the iPhone 5C, which, according to Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, will be the key to reaching the number one spot in China. And the gold/champagne iPhone is to contribute to Apple’s success as well, as it represents another color option for the high-end iPhone 5S.

You can check out the full image gallery by visiting Sonny Dickson’s website.



5S part


  • Chrome262

    Have you ever noticed there is not sim tray for the 5C? I just don’t see Apple allowing so many leaks. I can even understand pics from the factory, but actual components taken out of production? From getting a misplaced iPhone and all that drama to new pics everyday. seems weird to me

  • websnap

    The sim tray may not exist on the 5c, it could be that the back needs to be removed to swap and there is a compartment inside, much like BB and samsung have. Could make the 5s seem more like a “world phone”, another luxury/distinguishing detail between it and the lower cost model. Besides, not sure I’d want a plastic, removable sim tray.

  • Al

    Excuse my ignorance on this, but why is it that so many of these pictures/reports of supposed next gen iPhones only have “iPhone” and the logo printed on them and not all the other stuff that you normally see printed on an iPhone?

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone else find the idea of a gold/champagne iPhone tacky?