Alleged 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’ Shows Up in Hands-On Video


Alleged iphone 6c

To break the silence surrounding Apple’s rumoured next-generation 4-inch iPhone, M.I.C Gadget has today posted a video that it claims shows the first real video of the forthcoming device. Fully assembled. Now.

While the site has previously posted a mixed bag of supposed leaks, the latest video has several weak points in terms of accuracy. As you can see from the screenshots and the video inserted below, the leaked 4-inch iPhone 6c looks exactly like the iPhone 6 or 6s.

Besides the protruding camera, there are other signs that underpin the iPhone 6 theory: the distances between the speaker holes, the pentalobe screws, and Lightning port seem to be the same as the iPhone 6. If we add that the screen size also resembles that of the 6/6s, the conclusion is that the leaker should have put much more effort into making this video believable.

Of course, the lack of comparison in the video–to let’s say an iPhone 5s–still makes the decision harder, but I’ll let you decide whether this is a 4-inch or 4.7-inch device.


  • FragilityG4

    Nothing credible here.

  • Brad Fortin

    That’s… just an iPhone 6.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    not impressed about this smaller version of an IPhone 6 but excited about rumors of upcoming IPhone 7.. waterproof , wireless headphones, wireless charging .. yeap

  • xxxJDxxx

    wireless headphones? why is anyone excited about this?
    want wireless headphones? they already exist. go buy them.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    I have a note 5 already and a fast wireless charger with it , also have an iPhone 6S plus but will like to use it on it. Not complaining for not having but wishing IPhone will have it
    Concerning the headphones is better if they come included on iPhone

  • Tim

    Tiles are quite often 12″ x 12″. I can’t say for certain that the tiles in this video are as such, but if you take the frame at 0:00 where the phone is making contact with the tile, you can cut out the phone from the image (in an image editing program), then rotate it slightly and use the tile border as a reference to get a sense of its proportionality. You need to adjust for perspective because the shot isn’t a complete bird’s-eye view so the phone appears longer than it is. Even when I did this, the length of the phone occupied about half the tile. The iphone 6 is about 5.5 inches in length which would basically check out if the tiles in the video are 12×12. If the tiles are 8×8, the iphone 5 was almost 5 inches, so it should clearly over extend the halfway mark of an 8×8 tile. Of course we don’t know the tiles so it’s hard to say still.