Alleged ‘iPhone 8’ User Guide SIM Tool Image Leaks [PIC]


If you’re keen on following the ‘iPhone 8’ rumour cycle, the latest alleged leak claims to be the packaging insert on Apple’s next iPhone, depicting how to eject a SIM card using the SIM tool ejector. The image was shared on leak aggregator Slashleaks.

Iphone 8 user document

The mockup shows an iPhone with thinner bezels and a front camera and sensor area, which fall in line with alleged ‘iPhone 8’ dummy units posted to the web, similar to the ones seen below by @OnLeaks:

Iphone 8 mockup 2

Iphone 8 mockup

Iphone 8 mockup 3

Iphone 8 mockup 4

Recent ‘iPhone 8’ rumours claim the smartphone will debut this fall, but recent reports claim the device will be delayed due to supply and production constraints. Apple engineers are “not in a panic” to finish ‘iPhone 8’ hardware, which at this stage should be nearly ramping up final production.

What do you think? Real or fake packaging insert?


  • iverge

    Don’t know why they don’t get rid of SIM cards once and for all.

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t mind SIM cards. I wouldn’t want to call Rogers every time I get a new phone. Plus for those traveling, popping in a much cheaper international sim is always better.

  • awkpain

    Yeah I wouldn’t want to go back to the alternative… the phone being stuck with one carrier because sim cards are bad. That doesn’t make sense to me. You only have to deal with them once in a blue moon. Did SIM cards kick your dog?

  • iverge

    NO fool. The technology already exists where the phone can connect to the local carrier without a SIM. The same process when you connect WiFi.

  • awkpain

    Ok so Apple uses some magical new technology that few have hard of and no carrier implements. Nobody sells their phones because nobody can use them. The end. Don’t you fool me, fool.

  • iverge

    Apple and Samsung working to get rid of SIM cards:

    The end of phone SIM cards might be near.

    Apple, Samsung and other companies in the telecoms industry are getting ready to ditch the traditional SIM card and replace it with an E-SIM (embedded SIM) card, according to a report from the Financial Times.

    The tech companies are reportedly working with the GSMA to implement E-SIM cards on their phones. The GSMA is the association that runs the GSM telephone system, which is used by T-Mobile, AT&T and other carriers around the world.

    The E-SIM card would allow smartphone users to switch their device between carriers instantly. There would no longer be a need to get a new SIM with each cellphone carrier.

    Other companies that seem to support the switch include Deutsche Telekom, Hutchinson Whampoa, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone.

  • iverge

    Glad I was able to educate a fool. Don’t bother to clap back. I BLOCK all fools especially ones that have POOP as an avatar.

  • awkpain

    Apple would let Samsung do it first. Apple is never the first to do anything.

  • Cornfed710

    You wouldn’t, there’s already technology to handle it.