Apple Canada Wants Ingram Micro to Stop Selling Used iPhones to Wind Mobile


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Wind Mobile has been selling “lightly loved” iPhones since June 25. The carrier has brought this addition to its lineup in order to dramatically increase its subscriber base by offering customers low-cost, refurbished iPhones.

According to a report from The Globe and Mail, a battle has started between Apple Canada and Ingram Micro. Apple states that Ingram has breached its contract and has requested the supplier to stop providing Wind Mobile with refurbished iPhones.

“Ingram’s interpretation of the contract was that the distribution of used iPhones was not a breach and it expressed concern about cutting off Wind’s supply of the device, but ultimately said it wanted to co-operate with Apple.”

The report notes that Ingram agreed to provide Wind Mobile with 50,000 used iPhones. In a statement, Wind Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic said:

“I understand Apple has reached out to Ingram and is trying to stop them from giving us the iPhone. I’ve also heard that Bell has reached out to both Apple and Ingram again trying to stop them from supplying iPhones to Canadians who need them through Wind.”

In a statement Mark Langton, a spokesperson at Bell Canada, said:

“We became aware that resale iPhones were available in the Canadian market… When we investigated to determine whether we could also sell them, Apple made clear our agreement prevented us from doing so. We spoke to Apple and Ingram only about the possibility of Bell also selling resale phones.”

The source reached out to Apple for a comment, however, Apple spokesman Darrell Etherington (former editor at TechCrunch) declined to comment.

Wind Mobile is currently selling the 16GB iPhone 5s for $499 and 16GB iPhone 5c for $399. The Canadian wireless carrier currently has over 800,000 subscribers.


  • Brandon Bracey

    Guess Apple and the big 3 are afraid of competition they do not own.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Are you on WIND?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Are you on WIND? Just curious as to your satisfaction level if you are.

  • Mawhayden

    Don’t know but I switched from Rogers bought an iPhone 6 new from the Apple Store and signEd up with WIND, don’t know about you guys but I live in downtown Toronto and the Data was extremely slow to non existent and the voice calls were horrible, and I mean horrible. Due to the fact that I need a phone for voice as well as Data due to this being my primary phone I had to switch to BOYD price plan with Fido getting LTE and no voice or Data issue anymore. I am routing for WIND but there service is unacceptable for me even for the price at this time. Will see if there service improves in the near future but for now unfortunately…WIND blows hot air even at that great $35 price

  • It’s Me

    Seems like Apple didn’t care until Bell complained.

  • I was on Wind with my iPhone 6 for about 3 months. I live in a central coverage area and it wasn’t so bad, it was the spotty data speeds that actually caused me to switch to Bell last month. It got to the point where I’d reply to a text on my Apple watch, and I’d water the words appear on my screen 1 word per 2 seconds. It got frustrating and I jumped ship.

    If you’re always under Wifi it’s just fine, but the data speeds really ruin the experience, as our phones today are so internet based.

  • hub2

    Friend living in downtown Calgary switched to Wind from Rogers, but couldn’t get iMessage working reliably. Data speeds were also slow, and tethering is her laptop’s “home” internet. She had to jump to Telus after a couple frustrating days.

    Wish Wind the best, since the big 3 need competition, but there’s a reason they’re a cheap alternative.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Thanks for your input.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Thanks for taking the time to share me your experience with WIND.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Thanks for your feedback on your experience with WIND.

  • My pleasure 😀

  • meisenst

    iMessage (via phone number, not email address) is doable with a bit of elbow grease and a web site developed by Steve McClay (@smcclay). I have been doing this for years on WIND and it was the only thing I missed when I switched from Rogers in the first place.

    Google “WIND Mobile iMessage” and it’s the second site, theonlinemac dot com / windhelp.

  • hub2

    We tried exactly that. It was complicated by her not having wifi and no easy way to get the hex string back to her phone to paste into the website, so she had to go to a coffee shop. After two failed attempts we finally got it working, and we successfully exchanged some text and pictures over iMessage… only to have phone-iMessage fail again the next morning. Between this and the slow data speed, she couldn’t stay with Wind.

    I don’t remember what she pays Telus now, but it’s less than $70. My own grandfathered plan, with 6 GB, is only $55/mo. A bit more than Wind’s cheapest smartphone plan, but I’m willing to pay $20 extra to be on a network that can take full advantage of my phone’s cell capabilities.

  • meisenst

    Fair enough. It’s not plug-and-play at this point, and WIND will not fix it until they are an official Apple-endorsed carrier. That, and the speeds are slower than molasses sometimes. For me, it’s fine, because I don’t download much on my phone.

    WIND won some additional spectrum when Mobilicity was sold, so hopefully, that will help in the future. I can’t fault you guys for going the Telus route, though.