AppleCare+ for iPhone Sees Price Increase to $129 in Canada


Apple has been raising prices of iPhones and Macs in Canada due to the lowering Canadian dollar, and the latest increase is AppleCare+ for iPhone, which now costs $129, a $30 increase compared to its former price of $99, as seen below:

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Accidental damage incidents still remain at $79 each, up to a maximum of two claims. For out of warranty costs for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, back in September they were priced at $299 and $369 respectively.

Back in March, Apple increased the prices of unlocked iPhone 6 models, ranging from $90-$150 jumps depending on the model, with the Big 3 carriers eventually reflecting the price bump in its subsidized contract pricing.

Apple also increased prices of software in the App Store back in January to reflect the lower Canadian dollar.

Yesterday, Apple introduced a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpad, along with a new 27-inch Retina 5K iMac configuration and a new iPhone 6-compatible Lightning dock. But it also increased the prices of the 21.5 and 27-inch iMac models by $100-$150, Mac Pro by $200-$400 and Mac mini by $50-$120, plus accessories such as the Magic Mouse and USB-C adapters.

The bottom line: owning an iPhone is getting a bit more expensive here and so is AppleCare+, for those that swear by it. AppleCare+ can be purchased up to 60 days after you buy your iPhone. Will this 30% price bump make you think twice after AppleCare+ for the next time around?

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  • KS

    I believe, increasing prices of actual, physical products due to depreciating Canadian dollar makes sense, however prices of services should not have been increased. For instance, Apple did not invest in raw-materials at higher dollar rates to ‘manufacture’ AppleCare+. Just my opinion though 🙂

  • Mac

    As long as people continue to buy.. Prices will go up..
    A weak Canadian dollar is the excuse.

  • It’s like car insurance. Too many people drop their phones, we all suffer from increasing rates…. (kidding of course 😛 )

  • There are physical costs incurred anytime they have to replace or repair the phone though, so yes this is a service, but it’s a service that requires that new physical products.

  • Mac

    Did prices go down when the loonie was above par?

  • Zeke

    One of my friends doesn’t but the rest of my friends buy a new iPhone every quarter. Every 90 days they crack open a new iPhone. They don’t bother with Apple Care, no point to, clearly. : )

  • f1ght3r

    I have a hard time believing people are buying 4 iPhones a year. I used to buy one every year and now it’s one every 2 years. Seems wasteful.

  • Zeke

    Except for one, my friends are all single no kids. Not hard to figure out. Lol. They’ve chosen technology over dating and have walked away from women. For real. For years now. I don’t think they could care less about Apples price increases. They’d pay it, they can more then afford it.

  • KS

    Those physical costs incurred every time Apple has to repair or replace the product are also beared by the consumers – less if subscribed to AppleCare+, but not zero. So, I believe it’d have made sense to increase those prices because then, it’d involve parts in case of a repair or the entire device in case of a replacement. They shouldn’t have increased the prices merely for subscribing to a service. But then, as Mac rightly said above, weak Canadian dollar is an excuse.

  • I’m not saying I think it’s justified that prices are up, but I am saying there are physical costs incurred. If your phone breaks under regular use, they replace or repair it free of charge under the AppleCare warranty, so what you’re paying for is a service that covers the cost of physical products in the event that yours needs replacing.

  • Why would you pay money to replace a 3-month old phone with the exact same model? I can see buying a new one every time new models are released (once a year) but spending money to replace stuff that doesn’t need replacing seems just stupid to me.