Images of Blue, Yellow iPhone 5C Retail Packaging Surface [PICS]


More leaks appear to have surfaced of Apple’s lower cost iPhone 5C. Last week we saw images of the red model (and a video of it being powered on this AM), yesterday in green and now we have pictures of the blue and yellow models, as posted by (via

These are the highest quality images we’ve seen of the iPhone 5C allegedly in its packaging and now we have a clearer image of the wallpaper stickers on each device–note the Calendar date shows the 10th, which just happens to be the date of Apple’s upcoming iPhone event:

Iphone 5c blue packaging

Blue white yellow iphone 5c package

What’s interesting to note is has now taken down their ‘exclusive’ spy shot images, which according to a loose Google Translation: “Authorities should be required, the relevant text and images have been deleted, September 10 announced the final answer, and so it ~ :)”

Take that for what it’s worth. Expect Apple to send out invites for its September 10 iPhone event either by today or tomorrow.


  • Chrome262

    I don’t get why the face wouldn’t be colored. And why would it be plastic, they ipods are medal and they come in different colors

  • Simon B

    If we were to believe everything we have heard so far, using plastic is supposed to cut material/production costs, hence the 5C being the “low-cost” iPhone.

    As for the face, I think it is for contract. Black bezel makes the images on screen a lot more vibrant than any other colors, including white. Nokia and HTC does the same thing with their Windows 8 phones.

  • ????Dennis

    Yeah I don’t understand the face being black??? Looks half assed. Either one coulour or why bother?