Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s “Gapgate” Caused by Major Manufacturing Defect


While Samsung may be busy mocking the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus ‘bendgate’ controversy, something that has already been proved an overblown issue, the Korean company seems to have even bigger issues with its own flagship phablet, the new Galaxy Note 4. According to a report by BGR, Note 4 buyers in South Korea are reporting a major manufacturing defect in the form of a gap between the phablet’s frame and the display panel, both on the top/bottom and the sides.

Galaxy note 4 gapgate

Looking at the images posted by Galaxy Note 4 buyers, there seems to be a clear gap where there shouldn’t be as images show business cards inserted in them. The report also says that two pieces of A4 paper fit inside the gaps. Furthermore, the source notes that Samsung is apparently aware of the issue, though it is not yet known how widespread the issue is.

“Considering that Samsung has rushed Galaxy Note 4 launch, at least in its home country, to better counter the iPhone 6 record sales, it’s likely this screen separation issue is a limited manufacturing problem that will be corrected before it becomes Samsung’s “Gapgate,” or something similar, once the handset launches in more markets next month.”

Well, there you go Samsung. I don’t see why the Koreans would fake that one, don’t you think?


  • Sarge

    Steve Jobs would have never allowed this

  • I think they forgot to announce this was a new wallet feature to hold your credit cards.

  • Dude

    Now’s your chance Apple! Stoop to Samsung’s level and start mocking their crap!

  • Metromiller

    Just goes to show that it can happen to any company, any manufacturer. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing each fanboy camp bash the other. I’m hoping that Samsung will lose their Apple-bashing ad campaigns soon and the haters will stop making bogus claims like bendgate. They’re tired and desperate in appearance to me. If I was going to stop buying Apple products, I’d switch to Samsung if the product suited me and not because they trash the competition with slander ads. Manufacturing defects are hardly a new thing and happen in all industries. I’m just happy that the only minor issue I’ve personally experienced was antennagate and not something crazy, like a defective prosthetic hip or something. It happens! I think we should judge the companies on how they deal with the issue, rather than by the initial defect… Provided that the quality assurance/control was reasonably attempted to begin with.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Totally agree with you Metromiller. It can happen to any company but at the same time these things should not have happened in the first place. Both companies should be offering something (gift cards) to their customers for the failure or failures of the quality assurance teams.

  • pegger1

    So you’re saying Steve Jobs “allowed” the antenna issue in the iPhone 4?

  • Sarge

    No, just being sarcastic. Since his passing, everyone says “He wouldn’t have allowed this”…Bigger Phone etc etc. Since this is a Samsung phone, I was just being funny 😛

  • WatDah

    A lot of things shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What’s important is, like Metromiller said, how the situation was handled and they learn from mistakes. Apple gives their customers a new device on the spot if proven defective, which I’m pretty sure, even with my poor math skills, is worth way more than gift cards. What does Samsung do?

  • Shameer Mulji

    Whether he allowed it or not doesn’t matter. It happened under his tenure as CEO so the buck did stop with him.

  • hub2

    When you’re #1, never acknowledge #2 directly, it gives them credibility..

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I should have been clearer. Yes, Apple is exchanging bent phones BUT going to the store, lining up at the Genius Bar (or making an online reservation), having them look at the phone, getting the new phone, installing your profile takes time is a huge pain in the —. Not only should Apple exchange the phones, they should give out GC for the inconvenience. Yes, Apple is way ahead of Samsung but more should be done.

    Also both companies need to look at the quality assurance teams and maybe let some of them go. Really sloppy.

  • WatDah

    Wow. No offense, but you sound like one of them greedy entitled kids nowadays. What you just said is basically this: Going to the store, have them look at it, exchange a new one, restore from backup. Sounds pretty straight forward to me. Yeah, I can see how it could be inconvenient to some, but tell me, which other international, multi-billion corporation has this kind of service that’s efficient and direct? Most of them will require you to report a defect, wait till they send you a return package, send your phone in (meanwhile you are out of a phone. Did I mention Apple gives a courtesy phone if they know it’ll take some time?), wait for a respond to see if they will cover, and if they do, they send a refurbished phone back, with everything wiped.

    It’s like if your car has a recall, you drive to your dealership and they will do a free parts replacement. Are they supposed to give you a gift card for coffee while you wait? It’ll be nice, but of course not, and we don’t expect them to.

  • Marco

    a perfect reply

  • Lenardz

    Has anyone looked at the picture of the so called evidence closely? The reflection on the left picture doesn’t match. There’s a white bar in the reflection where the yellow “TUBE” is on the original. The original card also has a rounded shape head, whereas the reflection looks lumpy. The right picture, the card looks like it’s inserted IN the white frame instead of between the glass and frame. The pictures doesn’t look authentic.

    And no, I’m not a samsung fanboy. I use an iPhone 5S, but I’d rather know facts rather than take a picture as fact without analyzing it. Just look at those things I mention, that picture doesn’t make sense.

  • disqus_H0fMMSarva

    Samsung also attacked iPhone consumers, the main consumers they are trying to lure away in those “it doesn’t take a genius” ads.

  • Kirk

    Guess Karma caught up to them and bit them in the ass huh? Whether it’s true or not, I’m glad someone is dishing out this dribble to let them know how it feels to be on the receiving end of it. I would never in a million years buy a Samsung phone, even if it was the last smartphone on planet earth. They ruined it (for me personally) Mainly because how disgusting they treat “Apple fans” in all their commercials. Is that a smart way to win over customers? Idiots…

  • Kirk


  • applebrainwashespeople

    FAKE everyone! a real note 4 boot up screen will have “powered by Android” at the bottom of the screen, since it’s required by Google. It’s not present in the pics, FAKE. Nice try apple fanboys. Also, i can fit a piece of paper in the “gap” in my Note 3, no moisture, dust, problems of any kind. Go to Best Buy and look for yourselves, there is no gap.

  • applebrainwashespeople

    FAKE everyone! a real note 4 boot up screen will have “powered by
    Android” at the bottom of the screen, since it’s required by Google.
    It’s not present in the pics, FAKE. Nice try apple fanboys. Also, i can
    fit a piece of paper in the “gap” in my Note 3, no moisture, dust,
    problems of any kind., Go to Best Buy and look for yourselves, there is
    no gap.

  • Eric Wafford

    Dude, you have basically posted the same word-for-word reply to every possible news outlet. Like, copy and paste same. I call total bullshit on your claims. Also, i would like to note that all of these copy and paste replies where made in the exact same timeframe. Bot Much? lol…. gtfo… (Oh look, I can,,, ah fuck it, now I’m just gonna write dumb shit cause this is dumb. he adds random punctuation and words to avoid spam blocks… )