High Quality Renders Emerge of Low-Cost iPhone Based on Alleged Leaked Schematics [PICS]



Using the design drawings leaked earlier this week, AppleInsider offers a quick look at how Apple’s low-cost iPhone would look as an actual product. Apparently some of the case makers have placed their bets on the schematics: one of them already made a low-cost iPhone-ready case.

The microphone and the speaker of the budget iPhone will be circular, similar to what we can see when holding an iPod touch. It also includes a Lightning port — Apple’s great solution to control the accessory market –, with two screws located to the left and right alongside a headphone jack.


Also, the low-cost iPhone is rumoured to feature pill-shaped volume controls and curved back corners resembling the iPod classic. In addition, it sports a 4-inch display and the iconic Home button.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will indeed manufacture such a device. There are many reasons to do so and exactly that many against doing it. However, the rumour mill has been busy lately spilling information about the existence of such a device. Even the CEO of Pegatron — the company rumoured to be in charge of assembling the low-cost device — has taken the subject public, saying that the budget iPhone won’t be that cheap after all.


  • K3

    I HEARS A RUMOR of a rumor- it’s not a tumor!! So yesterday was it that the “low cost model” wouldn’t be low cost as talked about up until now. Can we just call this version the express model, or the lean model, or the this model is made up to fool third party makers into making an extra case this year model? Or the “we’re not gonna take it” so you buy this model outright give contracts the solo finger and go with our own new iWireless Apple ®™ services.

    Ah how about the “flux capacitor” version (plastics gone back in time to 2009)…

  • Supacon

    It actually looks pretty nice. At the end of the day I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up essentially being a 16GB iPhone 5 with a new shell that’s sold for $100 less than the current model. (I can’t imagine what they’d remove/downgrade, other than maybe using an A5 instead of A6 processor.). Perhaps this is being done for the reason that it’ll be slightly easier to assemble or something.

    I’ll bet one reason for this is that Apple wants to kill off any remaining devices still using the old dock connector.

  • steve

    looks like an iphone5 with the design from the iphone3gs