iPhone 5s Supplies Limited at Launch, Carrier Sources Say



Multiple (US) carrier sources have confirmed that if you are after an iPhone 5s, well, you had better be either the first to preorder or the first in line when the Apple Store or carrier’s store opens. While the supply of the iPhone 5c was good enough, the picture looks totally different for the iPhone 5s.

As we can see in China — almost all models completely sold out within a few hours — the iPhone 5s will be available in limited quantity, with the company expecting the Space Gray model to be the most popular, so there an average of three-quarters of the supply will be a Space Gray model, 9to5Mac reports. Yup, this means that if you’d like to get the white/silver or white/gold option, you need to be fast. And the same applies if you are after the 64 GB version, because carriers expect the 16 GB and 32 GB versions to be the most popular.

Speaking with its sources, AllThingD confirmed the limited availability of the iPhone 5s, as highlighted by BGR earlier today.

The speed is more timely for Canadians: while the initial supply of the iPhone 5c has almost sold out in the US, you can have any of the models through the Canadian online Apple Store on September 20.

This shouldn’t surprise us, since according to our non-scientific poll, the majority of Canadians want an iPhone 5s. About 56% of those who have taken the poll have opted for the high-end model, while the iPhone 5c was the choice for only 3%.

iphone 5s 5c poll

Which colour are you after? And just in case, do you have a second preference?


  • Guest


  • Daniel

    Ill only take a Gold 32gb so if I have to wait as much I don’t want to I will.

  • Off the Dial

    I can’t decide if I’m going to order online or go to the store. I won’t be able to line up over night so I’m leaning towards ordering online.

  • macmurray

    This was to be expected with the lack of pre-orders. I was surprised at the number of people saying that they thought Apple did it to increase lines and foot traffic on Friday in hopes of a better photo-op. That’s ridiculous! People were lined up even before the announcement (as usual). They don’t need help to draw a crowd.

    Why they are treating the 5s as the secondary model, now that’s a good question! Why push so hard to sell last years model in a new plastic case with no new features and push the truly new product to the side? I wonder how this strategy is shaping up for them… The silence of Apple in regards to pre-order numbers is deafening at this point.

  • WatDah

    Probably cause the profit margins are significantly higher on the 5C. Also, the 5S would naturally attract interested buyers, but they need to put more work into convincing people to buy a repackaged product from last year for a lowered price. It helps them achieve the goal of getting people to switch to Lightening faster.

  • macmurray

    All good points. I guess I see it through a different lens than the average consumer but just because it doesn’t make sense to me doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. I for one have zero interest in the 5c, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell like hotcakes!

    I still wonder though, why Apple hasn’t announced the pre-order numbers as they have consistently for years.

  • steve81

    The majority of your readers want an iPhone 5s, not the majority of Canadians.

  • WallsOfJericho316

    Apple will report the total of all SOLD iPhones (iPhone 5c+iPhone 5s+iPhone 4S) on the Monday or Tuesday AFTER launch weekend, just as they have for years. Don’t worry.

  • ticky13

    Did I read somewhere correctly that I won’t be able to purchase an unlocked iPhone 5S from Apple online and that going to the store is the only option? Is that definitely confirmed at all?