iPhone 6 Buyers Start Lining up Outside Fifth Avenue Apple Store


With six days still to go before Apple makes any announcement regarding its next generation smartphone a.k.a the iPhone 6, it seems that people have already started lining up for the device in front of New York City’s flagship Fifth Avenue store, BusinessInsider reports. Technology investor Dan Benton tweeted this earlier today:


The source claims to have confirmed with an Apple store employee as well who said that there were people waiting outside. “They’re out there and they don’t even know what they’re waiting for yet,” he said. “We haven’t announced anything.” 

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6 in two sizes, featuring an all new chassis with possible sapphire display at a special event on September 9.


  • Anon

    Don’t these people have jobs or a life? Geez.

  • FragilityG4

    I always love taking jabs at fAndriods for their lack of enthusiasm for lining up to get their subpar product, but this is ridiculous. They’re lining up before the announcement. Potentially they will be there for two weeks — this is how they want to use their vacation time? To each their own, but come on!

  • iFone

    So stupid!

  • Chrome262

    Well it is Manhattan, so they could just go and see the sites for a few days, and have a place to crash out, they just tell the cops they are camping out, its actually pretty smart lol

  • Haha, that’s the cheapest NYC hotel room in September: a lawn chair + sleeping bag.

  • WestCoastStar

    It’s their urban camping vacations or they’re line-up professionals.

  • Chrome262

    You know it, And the weather isn’t half bad, seriously if you were a homeless person camping out in TimesSquare they would move you off, but if you say you are waiting in line on private property and Apple lets you stay, they do nothing. And who is going to take your place in line this early on, it is the perfect scam.

  • Yeah, September is still decent. I can’t imagine a late October line up for the next iPad though?

    The early people waiting in line are doing it for promotional purposes, as they know they’ll get media attention. So in a way that could be a free way to get advertising worldwide.

  • alphs22


  • iverge

    These people need to get a JOB and a life.

  • Intrepid026

    Just silly.

  • Al

    Often, if I have to do something other than work, I ask myself if it’s literally “worth” it. I take how much I earn an hour and multiply it by the amount of time the task will take. If I can hire someone to do it for less, I often will. Simply because I earn more if I spend my time working.

    Sooooo…. Pick an hourly wage, even minimum wage, then multiply it by the number of hours these people will be waiting. Then add the cost of the phone. All that combined is what they are actually paying for a phone. So, for a lower wage earner, and based on a release date in a couple of weeks or so, these people have put a value on the iPhone of about $5000. If you’re an average wage earner, then you’d be 3 to 5 times that.

  • Josef Izchaki


  • 5DmarkIII

    They used to pay teenage girls to scream for Frank Sinatra, is it too much to believe that they pay people to camp out in front of Apple stores?