New Amazon TV Commercial Mocks The iPad Air and Jony Ive



It’s no surprise that in the tech world one company will always try to come up with inventive ads to try and sell their products and degrade others. In past weeks we have seen Microsoft and Nokia come up with tons of commercials comparing their products to Apple and Samsung products.

In the latest ad, Amazon attempts to show that their new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a better display, is lighter, and costs less than the iPad Air. The new ad looks to mock Apple’s Jony Ive by having a person with a British accent talk about the iPad’s features, and using descriptive words such as “magical,” just like Ive is famous for doing in every product video. The person describing the features of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has an American voice. We don’t know for sure if the ad intends to mock Jony Ive.

In the spirit of the holidays, tech companies around the world will try their hardest to persuade consumers to buy their products even if it means mocking another company and people at that company.

[via CNET]


  • Mike

    Kindle tablet is still a piece of garbage due to the fact that the app store sucks

  • Leon

    Everybody else is gunning for you when you are on top. They know it and that’s precisely why they are doing it. Keep trying. There’s nothing wrong in trying to catch up with what sets the standard. You’ll get better and that thing that you are competing with will get even better. Everybody win. Except for those who don’t quite measure up, save for their bragging.

  • iFone

    Gary – third time I am trying to post a comment and edit on my iPhone and your responsive website doesn’t work properly. Mind taking a look? It’s really, really buggy!!

  • Yeah we have contacted Disqus about it–they tell us the new mobile format is launching for everyone soon. So stay tuned. I know it’s a total pain. Thanks.