Scotiabank Users Seeing ‘New’ Apple Pay Error Messages


Apple Pay right now only supports cards issued by American Express in Canada. Our Canadian banks are seen as hold outs like Australia’s big banks, but that changed yesterday when ANZ Bank became the first to sign on to the mobile wallet Down Under.

For those keeping track, Scotiabank may be gearing up for Apple Pay, as readers have let us know new error messages now pop up when trying to add a Visa debit or credit card.

Below is the new error shown when trying to add a Scotiabank Visa Debit card (thanks Vaughn):

…and here’s a new error pop up when trying to add a Scotiabank Visa card:

Scotiabank visa

Normally, the error reads “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for this Card”, but that has changed, according to iPhone in Canada reader, Brian. Other changes in error messages have previously been tracked by TD Canada Trust customers (and RBC).

Does this mean Apple Pay is coming to Scotiabank? We don’t know, but for the obsessed out there tracking these changes, it may be interpreted as a sign something is brewing.

Signs Apple Pay May Expand Beyond American Express in Canada

I think at this point, it’s probably best to assume Apple Pay is never going to expand to Canadian banks, so when something does happen, it’ll feel like being a kid in a candy store. Just keep lowered expectations, folks (and keep trying to add cards to Apple Pay!).


  • Ryan Goodfellow

    Perhaps I’m missing something but I’ve been getting this message for months now (RBC and/or TD). Perhaps I’m not overly attentive, but I seem to get a mix of the messages randomly when I try my cards.

  • erth

    does canada have to be last in everything? even hockey is a blow out these days.

  • Billinmr

    We need more retail stores get on board before the banks will even consider it. A dozen or so retailers isn’t going to inspire to banks to add cost (lose revenue).

  • makeittalk

    Has nothing to do with Scotia, TD, CIBC, RBC, or any other bank. Probably an Apple server side variation.

  • KIII

    ???????????????? And this is exactly why little boys and girls don’t say “when I grow up I’m going to

    Did anyone else have a dream recently that Apple stock was dropping and someone kept yelling “Run Apple, Run…” like the scene out of Forest Gump…

    run right to an Apple Pay agreement in Canada before everyone gets angry that they can’t fully use their Apple
    devices the way they had hoped to up here.

  • KIII

    It feels like a big part of retail is closing up physical stores while at the same time the larger online shops seem to be preferring their own current options they give the consumer.

  • Guest

    I too have had it on and on for Scotia bank. Maybe the fact it keeps changing means they are testing something who knows. By the time it all gets sorted out Samsung pay will be here.

  • KS

    I’m getting the same message, unlike my BMO MasterCard which allows me to go as far as entering the expiration date and security code before saying “Your issuer does not yet offer support for this card.”

  • Cornfed710

    Anywhere you can tap a credit card, it’ll already work. So I don’t know where you get your dozen or so number from. Obviously nonsense.

  • Stephan

    I get the same message with my Tangerine debit card.

  • Darrin

    I just farted and my card worked

  • Now that’s some skill right there!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Got the same message with my Scotiabank Visa Debit and Scotiabank Amex card. Hopefully soon.

    McDonald’s Canada kiosk claim to support Apple Pay but it failed. I asked what I was doing wrong. The answer was: “We do not support Amex”. Then take “Apple Pay” off the Kiosk then!

  • xeronine992

    Strange, I’ve only had it fail once at McDonalds. Granted, I don’t eat there a whole lot, but I do grab a coffee now and again. Also, I’ve gone back to the same one where it failed and it’s worked since.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    While, the lady did say “We do not accept Amex”. Maybe she meant that location in Kanata, ON. I thought she meant McDonald’s in general.

  • xeronine992

    Could very well be that location.

    I know Tim Horton’s has a VERY high acceptance rate of contactless Amex. There is one in North York, ON though that will take Amex when swiping, but contactless does not work.

    Really hope Visa or MasterCard support comes sooner than later.

  • Kevin Bryix Apuyan

    It’s weird coz all of my Visa cards said card not eligible for Apple but my MasterCard says not supported.

  • olih

    Just got the same message with my Royal Bank Visa Infinite Avion Card

  • KIII

    I think he might be powered by Soylent.

  • Lol