TD Canada Apple Pay Launch Imminent, as Employees Get Training


TD Canada Trust was the first solid Apple Pay leak, as their website noted support of the mobile wallet last fall. Some switched to TD thinking they would be the first Canadian bank to support Apple Pay, but that turned out to be RBC and CIBC.

Yesterday we learned BMO updated their iOS app to say Apple Pay was “coming soon” (possibly June 1), and now we’ve learned TD employees have started to receive documentation and training on the upcoming launch.

The launch date is unknown at this point, aside from mid-June. What we’ve learned from sources familiar with the matter is an updated version of TD Canada for iOS will bring forth Apple Pay, as the app will be one way to verify cards, the other by phone.

Confidential training documentation explains learning objectives for employees when it comes to Apple Pay, such as defining the tokenization of credit and debit card numbers, while also detailing all steps involved in adding, removing and suspending cards via iCloud on a customer’s iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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We’re told all TD Visa cards will support Apple Pay as expected and in-app purchases, but there’s a slim chance the TD Visa Debit Access Card might be delayed at launch, but this is unverified at this point.

Earlier today, Apple Pay expanded in Singapore, as five major banks in the country launched support for the mobile wallet.

Who’s excited for TD to finally support Apple Pay?

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  • Buddha

    Potentially no Visa debit at launch…? That sucks!

  • C Pak

    I am looking forward to TD being supported.

  • Nathan Walker

    I’ve been waiting since Apple first announced Apple pay – so I cannot wait. Hopefully Visa debit will be ready on time.

  • JB

    Hopefully that means MBNA credit cards too…

  • SmokeJV

    Are you referring to the ability to use Visa Debit on your Access Card or being able to use your Access Card entirely?
    I have heard they’ve had struggles getting the ability to use Visa Debit on Apple Pay, but not being able to use your Access Card for Interac.

  • mh

    waiting not so patiently…

  • Dennis

    I bet on Tangerine and lost. LOL. But I think I will stay anyway. Tangerine has the same timeframe as TD. I still have my chequing open at TD. No rush to burn all the bridges, but I AM enjoying Tangerine.

  • Shawn B

    I wonder if MBNA will release at the same time as TD. MBNA_Canada twitter account is now saying apple pay is coming in the coming weeks.

  • winnertakesteve

    Somehow this still feels an eternity away. And I’m trusting anywhere I can currently use tap to pay visa should work at launch?

  • John

    Anywhere tap is currently supported Apple Pay will work. InBev CIBC visa and working like a charm. Just waiting for TD debit.

  • John

    Sure does.

  • Imadude

    Its now almost 2 years after ApplePay first launched… all excitement has been lost at this point. This is old tech. Just gimme the damn ApplePay already. Sigh…

  • erth

    is the cheque in the mail???

  • Andre

    For those here, like me, who are clients of HSBC Canada, go check on their Twitter feed their response of this morning to my question about Apple Pay. @HSBC_CA

  • Dan

    I have a TD MasterCard. It’s so weird that apparently only Visa will be supported through TD.

  • Does that mean we would need a new card?

  • dc07

    I too have TD MasterCard. Not impressed it won’t be supported.

  • Rory

    I find it odd that TD’s website makes it seem like you can add your card right now.

    Stop toying with your customers!

  • Peter

    The website is for the TD in the USA where it is available already. 😉

  • Rory

    Dang. Didn’t even notice! Thanks.

  • Grrrr, i guess that makes sense. The whole point of that was to have the Visa security on a debit card and with AP you don’t really need a second layer of security.

  • iTeodoro

    Can’t you switch to get the Visa Credit card?

  • iTeodoro

    Same to you! Can’t you switch to the Visa Credit Card?

  • dc07

    Why should I? I’m quite content with my MC. It’s their loss as I will opt to use my debit card more.

  • iTeodoro

    True True!!! But I don’t bank with TD anymore…I am with Scotiabank! 🙂 CIBC…I have the Visa CC only! So I have two banks! 🙂

  • iTeodoro


  • iTeodoro

    Hopefully soon…I have their UofT Mastercard CC and I can’t wait to add it! 🙂

  • iTeodoro

    Mee Too!!! Hope it comes soon!!! I want to add all my cards! Only CIBC CC can add on my Apple Pay. 🙂

  • iTeodoro

    I am looking forward to Scotiabank and MBNA to support Apple Pay soon…I want to add all my debit and credit cards 🙂

  • Dan

    I like my cashback MasterCard because it has no annual fee. It’s ok though, I think I’ll just switch to CIBC’s cashback Visa with no annual fee.

  • John

    Wasn’t it TD who leaked Apple Pay last year, yet they are the last of the big 5 to update their app for Apple Pay. Ironic isn’t it!

  • iTeodoro

    Okay…it better! Maybe you can get the Visa credit card and still keep the MasterCard…just in case Apple Pay becomes available for MasterCard in the future.

  • Icisz

    At this point it makes zero sense to assume that any card will be excluded from Apple Pay as the details get ironed out. It may vary a little here and there but saying they will support the service usually indicates their range of services come with it. If it doesn’t, you can be sure it will be pretty quick moving forward.
    Scotia Amex looks poised to work at launch. Fingers crossed!