Trump Says Tim Cook Has Promised Three New “Big, Big, Big” Apple Plants in U.S.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, US President Donald Trump said that Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build “three big plants” in the U.S. as part of the Trump administration’s push to return manufacturing jobs to this country.

The move by Apple, if indeed the case, will help fulfill the Trump administration’s goal of bringing life back to the U.S. manufacturing industry. It is also a surprising one, especially as the company and Cook have openly criticized Trump’s immigration policies.

Much of Apple’s product line, while designed in the U.S., is assembled overseas, primarily in China, where labor costs are lower and the supply chain of components is already in place.

“I spoke to [Mr. Cook], he’s promised me three big plants — big, big, big,” Trump said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “I said you know, Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I won’t consider my administration an economic success. He called me, and he said they are going forward.”

Apple has yet to comment on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the President’s claims.

Apple said in May that it is responsible for the creation of two million jobs in the US and that the iPhone maker was planning to expand that number by creating a $1 billion fund to invest in companies that do advanced manufacturing in the country.


  • johnnygoodface

    The problem with Tim accepting (or confirming) Trump’s statement, is that for US plant to be as profitable as China’s production plants, tax credits will have to be allowed to those US plant. But guess what, tax credits is taken directly from the US citizen’s pocket or from removing some obscure government service . And what about the next administration: if they don’t want to grant the same credits than Apple will have to pay more to make iDevices, and again who do you think will have to pay for that: us.

  • FragilityG4

    The idea here is to create jobs for Americans and those jobs will yield more income tax which will help offset the tax incentive to make the plants.

  • raslucas

    I’d say there’s an irony that Trump is kind of assuming that 1. These factories won’t be completely automated and the only jobs available wont just be maintenance and the initial build; 2. That there are even enough Americans qualified enough to fill these jobs…

    How funny would it be for Apple to build the factories, only for the jobs to end up going to machines and foreign workers?