Freedom Mobile’s $40/10GB Promo Targeting Telus, Koodo, Public Mobile Ends at Midnight


According to an internal document released to Freedom Mobile stores this afternoon, the promotional $40 plan with 10GB of data targeting Telus, Koodo and Public Mobile customers is set to end tonight at midnight local time.

Yesterday, Public Mobile released their popular $40/4GB promo plan targeting Shaw’s Freedom Mobile customers. This morning, Freedom Mobile responded with a beastly $40/10GB plan, firing shots back at Telus. Shortly after, Public Mobile pulled their promo, and now according to one source familiar with the matter, Freedom Mobile is ending their promo tonight as well. Of course, plans may change, but according to our source, the memo says the $40/10GB plan is set to disappear tonight.

It smells like there may have been some backroom negotiations to end both promo plans, since nobody wins when Canadian consumers are experiencing actual wireless competition (like those ‘expensive’ prices in Quebec!) and lower prices.

If you’ve been contemplating the Freedom Mobile promo, you should try switching tonight, or you may miss out. While Freedom Mobile’s LTE network still has room to improve, the promotional plan is still one of the better LTE deals out there today.


  • Vancouverite

    If the two companies did collude in a truce agreement, could this be recognized as price fixing under Canadian law?

  • iverge

    Sure sounds like it.

  • Riddlemethis

    Flash sales are becoming the norm with PM and FM. Collision and intimidation seems evident. However, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove as far as the CRTC and government is concerned.

  • Cornfed710

    More like Public Mobile/Telus backed down when Shaw hit back

  • Guest

    Do you think the Government will really spend time and money to prove this? Remember. Higher Cell Phone prices, higher taxes!

    I managed to change my $30.00 3GB to $40.00 10GB by calling Retention

  • matthewcouto

    You called Freedom retentions and got the plan?

  • Slim

    How about taking care of long time customers with a offer like that…hmmmm

  • GET-Me

    They Did! Got my plan changed from $30.00 3GB 3G to $40.00 10GB LTE

    now to get an LTE phone. hoping the new Iphone