New Apple Watch Series 3 Ad Touts “40 Million Songs on Your Wrist” [VIDEO]


A new ad has been uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel, touting Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Music, which can bring “40 million songs on your wrist”, as cellular versions can stream music with data plans.

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Check it out below:

Apple Watch Series 3 pre-orders kicked off today, with a launch set for September 22. Pre-orders also began for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple TV 4K.

Bell is the first Canadian carrier to support cellular Apple Watch models (for a $5/month add-on), while Telus will join in later this year. Rogers does not support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models.


  • Mario Gaucher

    Someone knows if the WiFi only version will be able to stream Apple Music content when connected to a known WiFi network without being connected to the iPhone?

    I have a series 2. When I go to the gym, I always bring my phone with me because of Apple Music… if series 3 WiFi can also stream Apple Music (there’s a free and fast WiFi network at the gym), I might upgrade right away.

  • Alexandre Boucher

    Was wondering the same thing about Series 3 WiFi only version.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I guess it will work… but no one really knows… and Apple’s website is not helpful in that matter.

  • mike

    currently the series 2 will associate with wifi that the paired phone is associated with. if your phone dies, the apple watch will continue to talk to the wifi network

  • Mario Gaucher

    I already know it works that way with series 2…
    my question was in regards to Apple Music streaming (what was announced in the latest keynote)… This is currently not supported on the Apple Watch series 2… I wanted to know if the series 3 wifi will be able to do it (Apple only talked about the cellular version for Apple Music)