FUP Puzzles For iPhone & iPod Touch

From the makers of World Reaction and Memory Bounce comes their latest creation, FUP, another entertaining and challenging puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

FUP by GudeBalls

FUP is a challenging puzzle game where the goal is to fill all of the shapes in the play area. The various shapes together produce an image and using a combination of four colors, players fill those shapes.

The challenge arises when choosing colors to fill the shapes, as the same color cannot touch a shape that is beside it (diagonal is fine). In other words, if one shape is filled with the color blue for example, all of the surrounding shapes (except diagonally) cannot be filled with blue and instead must be filled with another color.

Tapping on any one color from the available palette will select that specific color. Then by tapping on a shape, players can input the chosen color into the specific shape. Also, the same color may be used multiple times per level, it just depends on the placement of the color in the level which decides whether the color can or cannot be used at that time.

The majority of the 50 included levels allow users to choose from the colors of purple, green, orange, or blue to fill the play area shapes. However some levels add a unique difficulty and only allow the use of three colors or less, making the level increasingly difficult to successfully complete.

The game also includes a Challenge mode in which players may attempt to achieve records and then compare those scores to an online leaderboard against other players’ high scores.

During game play, players may opt to listen to their own music by selecting the iPod before turning on the game or they can listen to the in-game music.

FUP is available in the App Store for $0.99.